International Puppet - Mime Festival of Kilkis - Διεθνές Φεστιβάλ



Title of the Expo: “ATHIRMATOEKTHESI” (Lifetime games)

Design: Charis Ischnopoulos

Duration: From 06 to 14 October

Place: Foyer of the Municipal Theatre

Hours: 09:00 to 13:00 & from 18:00 to 20:30

Free admission

The artistic exhibition includes:

  1. Playthings, duplicates from antiquity and Byzantium as well as original games fro 1950-1980 that used to be sold at the flea markets and fests.
  2. Paper theatre duplicates of 18th century that will represent the scenery and people of that period. Children will have the opportunity to interfere with them: touch them, play with them.   
  3. Representation of the counters that was full of toys at the fests and flea markets at the past.
  4. Photo exhibition: children with their toys.
  5. Workshop for the creation and animation of objects. Children will use parts of various materials, will put together cardboards figures and participate at improvised performances.

Aims of the exhibition:
To introduce visitors to the history of the toys, activate their participation by passing from observation to action. Another goal is to link the exhibits to the history of the local community, eliciting positive memories from the past of the city and highlight the people who sold and promoted toys at the post-war Kilkis.                                                                                                                                               
Also, it aims to associate toys-objects that are animated and dramatized in order to express feelings, to recreate experiences, express the dreams and desires of children and adults and all this under the institution of Kilkis International Puppet-Mime Festival, that is public and international effort to promote the object-toy as a vehicle for dramaturgical expression and participatory action.

Εκθεση Εκθεση Εκθεση

Curriculum Vitae

Charis Ischnopoulos was born at Kilkis in August 1956 and at 1976 he graduated with a praise from the private School of professional studies Dimitreli at the department of decorative and graphic arts. 
He occupied with the creation of posters, architecture models, set design and artistic constructions. At 1997, he attended at a set design seminar with LUCIANO DAMIANI  and at 1998 he attended at a similar seminar with APOSTOLO VETTA. He was the director at children’s theatre performances and puppet-theatre shows. He collaborated with the Municipality of Kilkis, the “Techis” little theatre of Kilkis, The Lyceum Club of Greek Women, the Cultural Society of Educators in Kilkis as well as the Kilkis Harmonic Concervatory.

He designs, constructs and organizes various events at public spaces such as the Christmas Village or the carnival events. He collects and exhibits various objects such as children toys. With his artistic intervention, he resumes time, represents the space and helps the viewer into a storyline.

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