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Festival's artistic director

juanjo_logoI welcome the new Council members and the new Mayor of Kilkis to the 16th Puppet and Mime Festival of Kilkis. I wish them all well and hope they find the right and necessary solutions to all the issues that concern the city and its citizens in their everyday life.

The Puppet and Mime Festival of Kilkis was founded in 1999 and has been gradually growing eversince. It refers to the city of Kilkis in the International map of arts and culture, by hosting every year with respect a variety of significant artists and theatre professionals in Puppetry. It grew together with the generations spectators who every October are looking forward to the date of the Puppet and Mime Festival, at the city’s Convention Center.

This year it has progressed with collaborations and exchanges that have helped the festival to be regarded as one of the most important Festivals in the Ιnternational and the Νational cultural world.

We have managed to collaborate with the ‘Koukla Istanbul Festival’, in Turkey, in organising common dates for our festivals. ‘Koukla Istanbul Festival’ has actually moved its annual production dates from May to October and this way we have are inviting 4 Puppet Theatre Companies that will first perform here in Kilkis and right afterwards will travel to Istanbul to perform there.

We have also contributed in the development of the "Gyeonggi Puppet Festival in Swon", in South Korea by offering our services when needed. Therefore there is a mutual respect between the two Festival artistic directors.

Since 2010 NSRF has financed the full operation of Kilkis Puppet and Mime Festival. In the coming spring of 2015 the NSRF financing the Festival will be completed. We, however, advance forward and negotiate the transformation of our festival from a city festival to a larger regional festival, keeping Kilkis as the home base and gradually spreading it all over Central Macedonia.

All associates of the festival are hardworking and care for the future of our beloved festival. The new local administration has also the opportunity to get involved in improving and expanding it.
For now, let us enjoy what we have here to present this year ... a lot of puppetry and a lot of physical theater, ... many friends who have come from all around the world...

Kilkis opens its door for the 16th Puppet and Mime Festival, full of bright colours and beautiful sounds.

Welcome everyone in Kilkis... the City of Puppetry!
Juanjo Corrales
Artistic Director

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