International Puppet - Mime Festival of Kilkis - Διεθνές Φεστιβάλ


Dimitris Sismanidis, Μayor of Κilkis

Bathed in spring sunlight Kilkis town gets dressed festive to greet the 17th International Festival of Puppet and Mime. The unique colorful celebration takes place in May thiw year for the first time. Heady breaths of May lead our steps into uncharted paths: The delicate rings of myth wrap ornate reality, dolls and pantomime get starring position and animate the fairy pictures of mind and soul.

The International Puppet and Mime Festival maintains as familiar elements meticulous quality and aesthetics in order to host this year professional troupes and artists from our country and abroad who will “travel” us mentally in their culture.

The mission of the International Festival of Puppet and Mime, as the ark of socialization of the child through partnerships of Culture and Education at the seat of the municipality of Kilkis has present and future.

The funding cycle of the successful institution is copleted this year from the E.S.P.A. Our task and our constant pursuit is to continue the International Puppet and Mime Festival on outlook bases and creation to rejoice and enjoy and in the coming years beautiful and instructive scenes.

Let’s stick to today: The Adventure of the 17th International Puppet and Mime Festival is just beginning!

Fasten your seats and enjoy!

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