International Puppet - Mime Festival of Kilkis - Διεθνές Φεστιβάλ


All the festival's activities: Seminars, Workshops

  3. CIRCO LABILE (Italy)
  4. CIRCO VERTIGO (Italy)
  19. GANSO & CIA



22/05 at 17:00, in the Eirini Square
23/05 at 17:00. in the Eirini Square
24/05 at 13:00. in the Eirini Square

  1. For all public
  2. 30 minutes
  3. Contemporary circus. Street show.
  4. No words


The performers
Manolis Karyotakis is an equilibrist, saltimbanqui and a clown.
Born in Athens,he first studied scenography in the University of England School of Art
Working as a designer in the theater he took interest in acting.after having participated in seminars and workshops on the art of clowning,acting and Comedia dell Arte, he studied in Caramba Circus School of Madrid.
He has participated as a performer in numerous of circus, theater and dance performances with different troups and companies, and has presented his work as a solo-performer in festival in Greece and abroad.
Alvaro Ramirez Marquez an artist from Uruguay-Montevideo
He started as a theater actor in Polizon Teatro
In comedy he found his passion for “the laugh of the public”,
searching for the key of humor,
he went to National School of Circus of Brazil and to Theater and Circus school of Bolognia Italy, in order to investigate about Circus Clown Techniques
That’s how he met the fantastic world of Circus
Since then he has worked and presented around the world in diferents international street theater festivals at Asia,Souht America and Europe)
Together they are the "KUKUBAYAN BROTHERS", the First Uruguayan-Greek "petit Circus company" Performing circus clown all around the world in street festivals and circus

The show
Dangerous acrobatics, amazing jugglin numbers, balancing stunts that take your breath away and above all big  laughs and load of humor, with the "KUKUBAYAN BROTHERS", two clowns that manage  to move the young as well as the elder and to get the best out of any kind of audience by creating an interactive relationship with them.

Alexandros Michail


16/05 at 21:00. Conference Center

Duration: 60min
Age 13+
Visual Theatre, Physical theatre
No words

The play
Two people coming together. Two nuclei colliding. A relationship that deepens in time, expands within, spreads out.
Piece for 2 is a devised piece of physical theatre about two people and the space between. This undefined landscape that joins and splits. About what holds us together into an agreed union. It talks to this Collision, about this Fusion, about our process of Corroding one another.
It doesn't use spoken language. It talks through movement, energy, rhythm. Through intimate looks and sustained pauses, space dynamics, charged atmospheres. Much silence. Through gesture and poetry. Α down to earth language of pure communication.

The company
Alexandros Michail was trained in Physical and Devised Theatre at LISPA (London International School of Performing Arts) and Contemporary Performance Making at Brunel University, London. He works as an actor, director and educator in Greece and abroad. With Piece For 2 he aimed to work with minimal means of expression to explore love and violence in human relationships and the power of silence. Piece for 2 premiered in 2014 at Shima Ektos Axona, Thessaloniki. It won Female Actor, Male Actor and Best Show Awards in Vgalte tis Maskes Festival in Athens. It is currently on at Blackbox Theatre, Thessaloniki April/ May 2015) and yet travelling.



“O like… Peanut” ("O come… Arachide")
16/05 at 12:00. «"O come… Arachide"» in the Eirini Square
16/05 at 18:00. «"O come… Arachide"» in the Eirini Square
17/05 at 12:00. «"O come… Arachide"» in the Eirini Square

  1. For all audiences
  2. One Street man show
  3. 45 minutes

The play
In "O like… Peanut", Stoppino (Wick in Italian), like the one of a candle or a bomb, presents a succession of unique and moving pataphysical demonstrations. Poet of the invisible, he manages to amaze with simple, but never foreseen things. Like a dynamite fuse which catches fire, he manages in a moment to destabilize the audience, even just by speaking in his invented or mixed language without boundaries.
On stage a wooden chair and a small black screen. Stoppino, like a living continuation of the scenery, seize his audience with a gesture, a rhythm or a look. Stoppino (Wick in Italian), like the one of a candle or a bomb, is gently preparing himself to explode from one moment to the next. A roll of sellotape, a small cardboard box, these are ordinary, everyday objects, but in Stoppino's hands they defy gravity and become the tools of a chance juggling. At the end of the show, with his practice of the essential, Stoppino uses scenery, objects and audience; he disassembles, transforms and counterbalances them, making them the protagonists of his finale in a domino effect.In this show, Stoppino, whether the everyday juggler or the peanuts seller, becomes a sensitive architect that builds for his audience an ironic vision of the ordinary and of human nature. Created in 2010 but finished in 2011, "O like… Peanut" grows from Italian piazza to international festivals and met the surprise and the enthusiasm of the audiences.

The company
The Circolabile Company get to life by  the encounter between Andrea Menozzi and Christel Dicembre. Despite coming from different cultures and education they share the same vision of street art and theatre and the same passion for clowns and the study of human nature.
The Circolabile company creates clown shows mixing various circus disciplines from juggling and objects manipulation to acrobatics.
Also responsible for the artistic direction of small festival and events festivals Christel and Andrea try to increase the diffusion of street theatre. They promote the clown research and circus arts knowledge through workshops.
Following Decroux’s maxim: “I believe that the poorer the means the richer the art”, the Circolabile Company  artistic growth moves in search of the essential, in the gest and in the object. Without the need for imposing scenery, Andrea and Christel create their own universe playing the main instrument of the actor, their body.
Jugglers of ordinary things, their creations are based in the concrete, in the familiar, thus making them “extraordinary”. their shows are houses of mirrors, like those in a Luna park, where reality is transformed to offer another vision, another reflex and perhaps a reflexion.



“Kabaret Vertigo”
16/05 at 17:00. «Kabaret Vertigo» in the Eirini Square
17/05 at 13:30. «Kabaret Vertigo» in the Eirini Square
17/05 at 18:30. «Kabaret Vertigo» in the Kapeta street (in front of the Conference centre)

  1. For all public
  2. 30 minutes
  3. Contemporary circus. Street show.
  4. No words

The play
Kabaret Vertigo - A show made of poetry, art and creativity. Kabaret Vertigo is all that and much more. It's a circus and folk cabaret but innovative and eclectic, which collects the energy of young artists under the direction of qualified professionals coming from national and international artistic stages.  Kabaret Vertigo is also irony, charm and wonder of that artist who is still able to wonder and to amaze all age audience and always looking for excitement and innovation. Children, as well as adults do not cease to dream and travel far away, admiring the dance of tissues, clubs and light bodies which are not afraid of fighting against the laws of gravity. 
After all, what is space other than a magical, light and endless world in which you can let the strings of soul vibrating? An ideal place where playing with lights and shadows together with young talented artist becomes possible. And what is the earth other than a stage of a life where nothing is sure but only interpretations and visions exist. Circus and entertainment become one out of an eccentric comedy, of a slight humor nearly achieving the absurd, thus creating a new world where borders between artist and audience, between fiction, magic and reality disappear.


The company
Cirko Vertigo was born within the Scuola di Cirko Vertigo where the letter K refers to the Greek Kinema expressing movement. The project dates back to 1993 when Paolo Stratta and Chiara Bergaglio (both founders of Association Qanat  Arts and Entertainment) conceived it to safeguard and promote arts of circus in collaboration with the City of Grugliasco, the City of Turin, the Piedmont Region, the Province of Turin, CRT and Compagnia di San Paolo Foundations. The school is located inside the Cultural Park Le Serre, in two newly renovated buildings, a creation hall and a circus chapiteau, used both as a training space and for hosting international shows.


Evi Hatzimitakou


22/05: 09:00 & 11:00. Hellenic-Austrian tobacco warehouse
23/05: at 19:30. “Techni” little theatre

Duration: 50 mins.
Language: Greek
Suggested age-group: for children 4+
Technique: Narrative theatre with elements of physical theatre / puppet, figure and directly manipulated objects / masks


The play
Maroula is a beautiful young girl, whose mother has promised to the Sun that she will be given as an oblation on her twelfth birthday.  But the girl suffers away from her mother and begins a long journey to reunite with her. A tree shall become her throne of power, the deer her faithful helpers, while evil lamia, female demons stand in her way. How will she manage to run away from them all and reunite with her mother?
The play is based on the Greek folk tale with the same name, “Maroula”, one of the few folk tales talking about sorrow and loss, its subject being a child offered as an oblation, the relationship with its mother and its coming of age through the adventure of reuniting with her mother.
The tale is performed as narrative theatre using mixed picturesque and expressive media and elements: theatrical narration, puppet theatre, mime, masked drama and live music. Humour and the rhythmic relation of the narrator with the figure's paper world and the scenery sets are the suggested “bridges” of the play to young children.

The Company
The company koresmerikle  is a physical theatre and puppet theatre company formed in Athens in 1996 by Evi Hatzimitakou and puppet manufacturer Eva Cheiladaki. Its name stands for “bead eyes penetrated by the light of the soul”, merikle means beads in the language of gypsies.
Eva and Evi worked together on performances using puppets, mainly cloth made, ball-joined ones with direct handling. The company has performed puppet shows, physical theatre and mime performances.
The company has collaborated with visual artists, musicians, writers, other theatre companies and Public Regional Theatres, local Festivals and public and private institutions.
Having completed her studies in nursing and music education studies, Evi Hatzimitakou graduated from the Desmond Jones School of Mime and Physical Theatre in London and did her apprenticeship in Little Marionette Theatre working on puppet handling, voice and direction under Jane Eve and Joyce Wren.
She has taught physical theatre at “Archi” Drama School by N. Karra (1993-2000) and physical and puppet theatre in various workshops and seminars for children and educators. She has worked in the Department of Pre-school Education of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in the Student Internship programme (2004-2009), while she has also designed and implemented various theatre-education programmes  for children at Vafopoulio Institute and various state and public schools.

The group's latest production is the show  /_EvzonosLand_/, a  performance/work in progress in collaboration with percussionist  Lefteris Aggouridakis.


Malas Compañías Zirko Taldea


22/05 at 18:00. «TXATARRA» in the Eirini Square
23/05 at 12:00. «TXATARRA» in the Eirini Square
24/05 at 12:00. «TXATARRA» in the Eirini Square

  1. For all public
  2. 50 minutes
  3. Contemporary circus. Street show.
  4. No words

The company
Malas Compañías is a contemporary circus company born in 2006 by Iruña Circus School Students, while being in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Our shows combine clown, circus disciplines as juggling, acrobatics or balance with a friendly sense of humour; making possible that children and families have a nice, funny time.
All our shows are intended to be performed outdoors but we have the indoor version in case it's necessary. Both are “no text” shows, so that anybody can enjoy with us.

"These are times of theatre... times of street theatre"
Welcome to our own little universe, a bespoke world of barrils, planks and boxes that is also made out of rutines, dreams and shared weaknesses. Join us on a voyage to nowhere, beyond conformism and passive acceptance, as we ascend, descend, run, tumble and leap in search of the twist in the tale that will convert the most tedious of rutines into fun-filled adventure.

TXATARRA is a circus and street theatre show for all ages which uses comedy, theatre, object manipulation and acobatics to submerge the audience in a spectacular atmosphere of great fun and warmth.
Production: Malas Compañias  Director: Agurtzane Intxaurraga Actors: Diego Aimar, Mikel Pikaza, Aritza Rodriguez Music: David Otaegi Costume design: Truca Rec. Set design: Iñaki Etxeandia. Visual design: Aritz Garcia


ANGELUS NOVUS – Ioanna Mamakouka

“Are you afraid of your shadow?”
-a children’s show inspired by Greek traditional tales-

  1. Duration: 60 minutes
  2. Puppets & shadows
  3. In Greek
  4. From 4 years

The play
Two storytellers bring to mind old tales full of scary creatures (evil spirits, fiends, ghouls, monsters and the Boogeyman…),   issued from popular imagination. They put up a playful and inventive show, combining different theatrical codes (such as narrative, acting, singing, Shadow Theater, puppet playing, animation, etc.) in order  to speak up and get rid of our “metaphysical” terrors.
This show for children consists of four Greek folk stories: The Evil Donkey, The three Crones, The Demon, The Haunted Well.
In these selected stories some legends of Greek tradition come alive: wicked witches, devils, demons …  entwine the heroes into dark and mysterious adventures, and they encourage the children to join them into beating the Darkness together.
Our intention is to examine along with the children various human fears and -by means of these stories- to exorcize them.



The company
This show is the result of the cooperation between the members of the ANGELUS NOVUS theater group (Damianos Konstantinidis, director, Ioanna Mamakouka, actress and puppeteer, Apostolos Apostolidis, scene and costume designer, Konstantine Vozikis, composer) with three great collaborators: Afrouli Bersou who adapted the folk tales and acts in the show, Koldo Vio, who designed and taught the Shadow Theater scenes, and Penelope Valti, who designed and manufactured the props.

"Papalangki" Theatre Company

“How to be trained by your dragon”

14/05 at 10:00, Afstroelliniki Warehouse
22/05 at 10:00 outside the urban center of Kilkis
26/05 at 10:00 outside the urban center of Kilkis

TIE project using puppets
Duration: 1.45’
language: Greek
For children 8-12 years

The play
Pavlos is child who is been called “different”. This, when he is not been called “stupid, retarded, weird”. He has difficulties in communicating with other children and, so, Pavlos has no friends, not a single one. One day, he discovers a little egg, from which a tiny dragon will be born. This dragon is so minuscule that it only can light a match with its breath. This dragon will become his “best buddy”, it will understand and help him to communicate with the other children. Now, all the children want to be friends with Pavlos and his dragon.
But the dragon grows fast and his fire grows with him, causing lots of accidents. The dragon realizes that the time has come for him to go, but, in order to be sure that Pavlos will always have a “best buddy”, it trains the children and gives them a little dragon for help.  So, Pavlos has a lot of friends   and the children have gained a new special friend!

The Company
“Papalangki” Theatre Company – theatre outside theatre consists of graduates of the Drama Department AUTH and the Drama School of the National Theatre of Northern Greece and it functions since 2011 with Tasos Angelopoulos as coordinator. 
The company’s focus is in presenting theatre in public, open and non-theatrical spaces.
“Papalangki”’s performances are always based upon sensitive and social matters (e.g. immigration, school bullying, racism, diversity). The company also organizes original theatrical and cinematographic educational workshops for children and young people (such as hidden treasure drama workshop, immersive drama games etc.).


“The Little Mermaid”

15/05 at 09:00 & 11:00 , “The Little Mermaid” Austro-Helenik snuff stores
16/05at 18:30 , “The Little Mermaid” ΤΕΧΝΗ Association of Kilkis
17/05 at 17:00 , “The Little Mermaid” Outside the city center of Kilkis

    1. Puppet show
    2. 60 minutes
    3. Greek
    4. From 3 ages +. Οικογενιακό

The company
“Prassein Aloga” (whose name means 'to act irrationally' in ancient Greek) is a theatre company situated in Athens, Greece. Emmanouela Kapokaki, graduate of Ecole Supérieure Nationale des Arts des Marionettes at Charleville-Mezières, France, founded  “Prassein Aloga” in 1997.
It produces Visual Theater performances, aimed at all ages, with especial importance on the aesthetics of its performances. The productions do not approach the audience in the same way as the theatre of the spoken word; instead, the puppet theatre uses the language of the image, the symbol and the archetype to present an original spectacle in which actor and puppet interact.
The company is subsidized by the Greek Ministry of Culture, has accomplish 15 productions in various theatres (within the National Theatre of Greece, Onassis Cultural Centre)

International Festivals participations:

The show
The Little Mermaid is a version of H.C. Andersen’s “Little Mermaid”. A one woman show, an artistic, poetic performance. The deep love of the mermaid for the prince will make her glimpse as the moon.  A pair of high-heeled shoes becomes the vehicle for the journey to femininity. The intense action, full of music, is dominant while the set creates a space that plays with transparency.
The three main characters are puppets of direct manipulation (60cm) that interact with the actress-mermaid. Thus the mermaid appears not only as an actress but also as a puppet. The witch is an imposing, comical monster with a head in natural human size, based on the muppet technique. The mermaid’s sisters are fingerpuppets and the moon a mask. There are ten different puppets in technique and size.
It is a whole age performance which has 1 hour duration.




16/05 at 11:00. in the Eirini Square
17/05 at 16:00. in the Conference Centre

  1. For all audiences
  2. Clown & mime Street show.
  3. 45 minutes
  4. No words

The play
"ANIMALI DA CIRCO" collects Pentaclown's most hilarious gags, of more than thirty years of artistic activity, inserted in a story full of magical atmospheres inspired by the “Big Circus”
The approach to the tradition is respectful and ironic and evokes memories and atmospheres of the past, projecting them into a whole new comic dimension.
The three characters are, in the story, all that remains of a large circus family, forced by necessity to interpret all the roles, they dress up, each time, in different characters.
The three clowns always enjoy, except in rare cases, relegated to public entertainment between a number and the other, the big chance to prove themselves, in their own way, in all the roles of the traditional circus.
They will be at the same time attendants, acrobats, jugglers, knife throwers, acrobats and even lions, in a game that directly involves the spectator in their incredible comic adventures.
The show best known and appreciated by the public, was represented, in recent years in Italy and abroad, in the most important festivals.

The company
The group was born in Turin (Italy) in 1980, since then ,hey performed plays inspired by the traditional clowning that were represented in different situations (theater, squares and events) in Italy and abroad. They continued the staging productions entirely designed by the band members. In particular, "CLOWNSTROFOBIA", "SCIAF" and "CLOWNAZIONE", represent the trilogy that has made known the particular group comedy, that, starting from tradition, flows into surrealism and reach any audience.
In particular, their performances in the street become in their conception, a chance to communicate and to appreciate the essence of clownish comedy, simple and straightforward, but at the same time, full of emotions.
X(ics)X(ics) CLOWN - "The Great Discoveries happen by chance," is their most known and appreciated play, it's a turning point of a new theatrical phase in which "I PENTACLOWN" remove even the smallest mask, red nose, to be authentic clowns, without tricks and hairpieces and present themselves to the public as they are. The components have individually collaborated and created over the years many theater groups inspired by the physical theater and clowning and collaborated in the production and artistic direction of many festivals and events.
In 2014 the group has successfully participated at the edition of "Italy's Got Talent" and was a finalist at “Clown & Clown 2014" with "ANIMALI DA CIRCO", the most important Italian event dedicated to clowns art.
Of the original historical group remain Attilio Coniglio, Michele Raffa and Pasquale Ippolito.
"If you think clowns are sad and melancholy or just for children, Pentaclown will make you change your mind"

Pez Limbo


15/05 at 19:00. in the «TECHNI Association Theatre»
16/05 at 13:00. in the Eirini Square
17/05 at 12:45. in the Eirini Square

  1. For all audiences
  2. Puppet & mime Street show.
  3. 60 minutes
  4. No words

The company
A small company from the Basque Country, specialising in street-theatre without text.
Created in 2010 by Begoña Martín Treviño, Raúl Camino and Edu Hernado, all three of whom have wide experience of working with other companies. In these years have created 5 shows together.
Our work deals with social themes and the human condition, using poetic images and comic situations as the base for a universal dramaturgy.

The play
LANA is a performance without text for an audience of all ages.
The action, images and soundtrack create an atmosphere that draws the spectator into an experience that takes them from reality into a dream.
The performance combines physical theatre with elements of dance, puppetry and mask work.
The scenography is an active protagonist that changes throughout the performance, transforming the setting in which the narrative unfolds.
The comic and poetic elements play out in a language that is both contemporary and at the same time everyday, allowing a wide spectrum of audiences to live the performance intimately and empathically

LANA tells the story of a tailor's workshop through which various characters pass and "unravel" the delirious narrative of the show.
A simple woman who has fun with her colleges works there. When the work accumulates, her life changes as she spends more and more hours at the sewing machine.
Taken by hope she starts to "weave" other worlds where the poetic, the comic and sometimes the crude are combined.




“Out of place / Medea

23/05 at 21:00. Conference Centre

AGE: 10 years old
TYPE: Physical Theatre, Dance Theatre / PHYSICAL

A performance that draws inspiration from the characters and situations in Euripides' Medea.
This is a performance in which physical theatre, dance, mime and objects theatre create powerful visual landscapes that are constantly interconnected through the transformation of the stage and the original music written by the Greek musician Minas Emmanouil.
“Out of place / Medea” represents a strangling realization of passion, rejection, danger and fatal destiny on stage.
The three main characters, Medea, Jason and Glauce, are placed on an oblong moving/jointed platform. The way they move on stage bears an allegoric meaning, it delineates the living space of each of the three characters, mapping at the same time the journey of the negotiations that take place among them. This is a highly acrobatic and risky spectacle, where the constant overbalancing and the transformation of the stage set the tone of a visual theater performance.
The tragic questions posed by Euripides recur relentlessly in this performance. Will these three characters manage to escape their Fate? Is Jason, calculating and domineering as he appears to be, going to get the life he aspires to? Will Medea accept Jason's rejection and his new life with Glauce? Will, finally, Glauce manage to get what she wants, or is she going to become the victim of this contention? How possible is it for their actions to lead to a different ending, an other denouement? Can love, which borders on barbarity, darkness and death, ever be noble, or will it always defy logic, seeking one and only thing: an outburst. Can love and order exist in harmony, or is love doomed to plunge into chaos, dragging people and relationships forcefully along with it?

DIRECTION-SCENE SETS:  Antonis Koutroumpis. CHOREOGRAPHY – PERFORMING: Olga Gerogiannaki, Antonis Koutroumpis, Natassa Zafiropoulou. MUSIC: Minas Emmanouil. LIGHTING DESIGN:  Christina Thanasoula. COSTUMES:  Olga Gerogiannaki. GRAPHIC ANIMATION:  Akrivi Anagnostaki  STAGE CONSTRUCTION: Dimitris Maroulis. TEXTS: Miranda Vatikioti


The company
Since its inception, in 1996, Plefsis group has been working in the field of physical theater, developing a distinctive artistic language which stems from the combination of different genres: theater, contemporary dance and mime. The group's performances are determined by the physical expressiveness of the performers, the polymorphic stage which is adapted accordingly, and the object theater that serves as the basic research field for the company.
Through its constant presence in the Greek theater scene, Plefsis has been reflecting its interest in and its pursuit of issues regarding the body language.
Since 2004, the group has been participating with various productions in festivals abroad, earning rave reviews.

Prizes and distinctions
Plefsis won the 1st prize at the Drapetsona Street Theater Festival in 2003 with the production “Nomads”.
Plefsis was awarded a prize at the 1st Athens Street Theater Festival (October 2009), with the production “Invisible Cities”, and was invited to officially participate at the International Street and Puppet Theater Festival “puppet fair” in Sofia, Bulgaria.


“Little thing”

24/05 at 17:00. “Techni” association of Kilkis
25/05 at 09:00 & 11:00 Afstroelliniki Warehouse

Object theatre
Duration: 40 minutes
For all audiences
No words

The play
Objects of everyday use come to life because they want to tell us a story inspired by the people that are using them.
So, what's the common thing between washed clothes, mops, dusters, a tea pot and a pair of tights? 
The will to live beyond the narrow limits of the usage that are created for and serve aims such as laugh and poetry activating their users towards a brighter interpretation of life.
It's about a variete of objects that turn into puppets and with the help of music and movement share their dreams with us!
Created by Trabala, directed by Roberto White.


The company
The puppet theatre group Trabala was created in 2014 in Creta, Greece, in between Rethimno and Heraklion.
The group is consisted by Zoi Vlassi and Natassa Tapaki (Firdin Migdin Puppetry), by Euagelia Kampouraki (Zlouhtiria puppetry) -all licensed in theatre at the College of Fine Arts of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki- and by Bagelio Fasoulaki  -musician/singer and licensed in architecture at the College of Architecture of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki-.
Their love for puppetry brought them together and they decided to create the object theatre show "siga to pragma" that was first presented in the International Puppet and Mime Festival of Kilkis where it was honoured with an award for first presented Puppet Theatre Groups.

"Delirious Turtle" Musical Puppet

"The “Gaitanaki” Colours!!!"

Puppet with live music
45 minutes
4 years +

The play
The little Jason is looking for the famous,greek painter Theophilos us to fill his black city  with colours.Dragons,flowers,witch,music and dance. Even Vereniki  will help him to discover the lost beauty of colours.

The journey of Frantic turtle began in 2013 with Korina Athanasoula ,actress and copywriter,Margarita Lititari,musician who signes the songs and Kostas Santas,first actor of the NATIONAL THEATRE OF THESSALONIKI who directs the play.Home of the group is Salonika and performances are given all over the Greece.


1. Arima Puppet Theatre by Kostis Zaimakis
“The Story of a Skull, narrated by itself”. Written by Andreas Laskaratos.

50 minutes
For adults.

Puppeteer Costa Zaimakis was inspired by this story. He asked Ari Anagnostopoulos to
translate it in english and he started work on it together with Damiet van Dalsum.They
wanted to find an other way to express their feelings in relation to the story, the objects
and the scennery. Τhis story has a special kind of humor and the hypotricy of the power you
feel in every word.
Andreas Laskaratos: He was born in Lixouri in 1811, at the time when the Ionian islands were moving from the French to the British as a protectorate. He was considered to be highly spirited by nature, intelligent and glib. He was intensely satirical and constant in his views, publishing works which contrasted the views of his time. The fact that he did not hesitate to freely express his views by criticizing hypocrisy became the main reason behind his arrest and imprisonment, persecutions, and excommunication by the church.
Costa Zaimakis (Greece): Puppetplayer for kids and adults. His first performance for adults was Erotokritos by Vicenzo Cornaros. He won the prize for his show during the 16th International festival in Kilkis.
Damiet van Dalsum (The Netherlands): Puppetplayer for kids and adults. She always makes the figures for her performances by herself. She directed in different countries puppet theater groups. She has her own small puppethouse in Dordrecht.
Isidoros Papadakis (Greece): He is a musician and he composed the music for this performance. With his special feeling for music it is an extra demention in this performance
Thanassi Demko (Albania): Light and sound engineer.

2. Arima Puppet Theatre by Kostis Zaimakis
"Erotocritos" Written by Vitsentzos Kornaros

Erotic poem,
45 minutes
Ages 7+
Paper Theatre

The poem "Erotokritos" is undoubtedly a masterpiece of Medieval Literature. Our intention to enlive it on stage was based on our need to highlight the beauty of things and feelings. In Erotokritos one can meet an incomparable wealth of language. Erotokritos combines the magic of tale with the knowledge of life. This poem contains the correct observation and understanding of human behavior. Beyond the simple structure of the plot there is something much deeper. In this play only someone who knows the beauty of youth and love will meet us. With the aromas of an old era, the colors, poetry and imagination, will travel there with us in the magical world of Erotokritos.

Vincenzo Cornaro (March 29, 1553 – 1613/1614) was a Cretan poet, who wrote the romantic epic poem Erotokritos. He wrote in vernacular Greek, and was a leading figure of the Cretan Renaissance.
Author: Vitsentzos Kornaros Director - Adaptation: Costas Zaimakis Sets, structures: C. Zaimakis, N. Oikonomeas Curator: Niko Oikonomeas

Irene Lalou

15/05 at 21:45. Conference Centre
(10’) minutes
All audiences
Bunraku puppet

No words

The play
The story takes place in a dance school where a ballerina during dance observe the changes in music but also in her body ... finally enchants with her music !!!
In 2014 the show was awarded the second prize at the 6th meeting new kouklopaichton Kilkis Festival.

The artist
She works as a preschool teacher excursion to A & B Education in kindergartens and social caretaker for disabled people. Has studied next to Francisco Brito and Stathis Markopoulos. Through the art of puppetry finds ways to communicate with disabled people and not only...


23/05 at 13:00, in the Eirini Square of Kilkis
23/05 at 17:00, in a village out Kilkis city
24/05 at 18:00. in the Kapeta Street of Kilkis

  1. For all audiences
  2. One Street man show (acrobatic bicycle & street music)
  3. 45 minutes.
  4. No words

The play
“KALABAZI”. It’s the story of a young woman who has an hour to spare before leaving and decides to use this time to get married.
But not to just anybody!
She therefore organises a love contest to discover whom, amongst the public, could become the ideal spouse.
Two members of the audience are chosen and have to undertake challenges; the woman encourages them performing acrobatics on her bicycle and speaking backwards.
Who will be the One?
This circus, clown and poetry show, full of emotions, is always performed in the language of the place where it takes place, may it be in dialect from Napoli to Brazilian while calling by Inuktitut and Japanese.
Kalabazi has been played over 550 times in 24 countries, 8 languages and 23 dialects.



The musician Mauro Paganini performs a micro visual concert playing and performing his unique invented instruments built
from abandoned objects: parts of old musical instruments, tomato, vegetable and tuna cans, wooden boxes, a reading lamp, elastic bands. Springs, ventilators, toys and other found objects give life to Paganini's creations. He creates rhythms and melodies of indefinable times that carry the audience and the artist to a common space, a surreal and timeless place where sound becomes language and the object is.


The company
Company Tita8lou develops circus, theatre and clown shows since 2007, with performances for big tops, street festivals, cabarets and theatre stages. The company travels worldwide and creates live shows with a main focus in spoken languages and characteristics of different cultures such as gastronomy, dance and emotions… a universal human trait!

In 2008 the Company created the show Kalabazi, worldwidely acclaimed with over 550 performances in 24 countries.
Duo Roccoco an Italian-Swiss duo with J.Arpin and L.Regina toured through Europe from 2010 to 2012.
Tita8lou is now collaborating with musician/actor Mauro Paganini and his invented instruments.
This year a new show will be launched, Siku, a clown-circus solo about the discovery of the North Pole, played by J.Arpin and directed by M.Paganini. It will be performed in street Festivals and under big tops as from June 2015.



19/05 at 19:00. in the Conference Centre of Kilkis
20/05 at 09:00. in the Conference Centre of Kilkis
20/05 at 11:00. in the Conference Centre of Kilkis

  1. Foot Puppets
  2. No words
  3. For All audiences 5+
  4. 50 minutes

The magic of the feet is brilliantly emphasized in this show which is full of choreographies and stories suitable for an audience of all ages. “The chickens’ rumba” the “Operating Theater” and “ The Tamer and the Lion” are classics, which alternate in stylistic contrast with more experimental and abstract stories like “The yellow ducks”, “ Painters in front of the mirror” and “The final ballet” the latter enriched by live music. This show is the outcome of the artistic synergy between Laura Kibel and Veronica Gonzales. (Veronica is one of Laura’s pupils who, in time has become a renowned professional soloist) Together, they have performed this new repertoire full of rhythm, colours and hilarity in prestigious festivals such as: Charleville, Mezieres 2006 and Figeuro, (Gand)2007, Partade’s (Nanterre)2011.

The performers
Laura Kibel. The "Teatro dei Piedi" (The feet Theater), half way between a mime and a puppet, has been reinvented and valued by the artist from Verona, On stage Laura Kibel, hidden by a black robe, dresses her feet with elements designed and tailored by herself; feet that little by little become live characters with a defined identity ready to tell fantastic stories. On stage, the artist magically disappears living the characters she creates to interpret and tell the most hilarious stories.
Laura does not use words but simply gestures and music; her show, which is both hilarious, poetic and desecrating, goes beyond the barrier of national languages taking on universal contents. Like that, her show may be appreciated by an audience of all ages, cultures and nationalities. What the audience sees before its eyes is Laura transforming parts of her body like the sole of her feet, her knees, her legs in expressive faces, funny bold heads and living characters who love, suffer, fight and amuse.


Veronica Gonzalez.

Was born in Buenos Aires Argentina.She has been living in Italy since 2000 doing puppets theatre all over the world.
At the age of 15 she worked for the first time with a professional company in Buenos Aires and went on her artistic way studyingmusic and acting.
In Italy she meets LAURA KIBEL and followind in her “footsteeps” she becomes her sole pupil creating mimic stories with legs and feet.




23/05 at 11:00. in the Eirini Square of Kilkis
24/05 at 11:00. in the Eirini Square of Kilkis

  1. For all audiences
  2. One Street man show
  3. 45 minutes

The performer
GANSO&Cía. Is a small theatre company based in Durango (Basque Country). The theatrical CLOWN is a dramatic code that reminds us we are humans: ridiculous and pathetic and poetic, naive, fragile and beautiful at the same time. The creation of our shows has the reference and starting point of the Clown, that primary and imperfect state. Artisanal works where the audience finds their reflection in characters Ful of humanity. They are heroes of the daily things, stupid and transparent, who take us from laughter to kindness. “The Clown doesn’t know how to do anything, and from that, he creates an art”, Pep Vila, director and master of Clowns.



The play
WALKMAN…A man, a showman, a seducer, an enthusiast. An idiot willing to convince you that what he does worths your time.

WALKMAN Is a useless ‐ skils performance, a visual comedy, universal and interactive



“The Soul of the People”
A love story between mankind and objects

21/05 at 19:00.  in the Conference Centre of Kilkis
22/05 at 09:00.  in the Conference Centre of Kilkis
22/05 at 11:00.  in the Conference Centre of Kilkis

    1. Puppet CONFERENCE show
    2. 50 minutes
    3. 10 ages +
    4. In Spanish with Greek translation

Puppet Traditions from Around the World

Landscapes, climates, vegetation, political regimes, religions, foods, colors, clothing, environments, rhythms... All this and more shapes mankind, makes us different while at once the same, unique in variety, similar in the species. The relationship with objects is no stranger to this evidence, from the most mundane to forms of navigation and transportation, tools, and musical instruments.
The traditional puppet is a metaphor for these different lives. It is present in very distant cultures, always a synthesis of thought, spirituality, sensitivity, and the expertise of each society.
The puppet is the crossroads, wherein is found — and which intersects —craftsmanship, materials and tools, dance, music, songs, myths, stories, masks, and methods of theater. All life converges on the puppet and this is a beautiful reflection of its people, the soul of the people...
Many puppet traditions have survived until now and count various centuries of history. However, in the twenty-first century, social changes are a visible threat that leads us to believe that many of these traditions will disappear quickly.
Given this certainty, we have initiated a project to investigate, document and recognize traditional puppetry, that which is currently being preserved — another of our initiatives in publicizing the art of puppetry .
This project will be developed throughout several years and will gradually be enhanced through the introduction of new characters and profiles of artists associated with puppeteering in different corners of the world.
Interviews, staged scenes and daily life of the puppeteers, clips of stage and puppet construction, rehearsals, classes, collections, finally, many rich testimonies, compiled through years of meetings and traveling around the world. Images that at once tell of the societies from which they come, from one culture to another. We treasure these more than 300 hours filmed in high resolution.
The Soul of the People is a call to attention, an act of love for the art of puppetry.

Director: Enrique Lanz. Dramaturgy: Enrique Lanz and Yanisbel V. Martínez. Actress: Yanisbel V. Martínez. Videographer: Enrique Lanz Editing: Dull Janiell Hernández
Puppets:Design: Enrique Lanz. Production: Víctor Alcalá, Enrique Lanz, Eduardo Pérez, Carlos Villarraso. Scenery Design: Enrique Lanz. Costumes: Mary Carmen Vidal
Production: Etcétera

This is a project in collaboration with the Agencia Andaluza de Instituciones Culturales

DOCUMENTARY PROJECT. Production: Etcétera with the collaboration of UNIMA Internacional

The company

The company was founded in 1981 in Granada, Spain, by Enrique Lanz and Fabiola Garrido. The excellence and versatility of their work established Etcétera as a benchmark of quality in contemporary Spanish theater.

Etcétera has produced several shows, among which are: Sypnosis (1985), Trans (1990), Peter and the Wolf (1997), La serva padrona (1998), The Story of Babar the Elephant (2001), Dreaming the Carnival of the Animals (2004), El retablo de maese Pedro (2009), and The Box of Toys (2009), The Soul of The People (2013), and The Brave Little Tailor (2013).

These creations have known significant success, by opinion of audiences and critics alike, which has prompted Etcétera to appear at major international puppet and music festivals in scores of countries, and onstage at the most renowned performance art theaters of the Spanish scene.

Etcétera’s work could be defined as the staging of musicals with puppets for all audiences, but beyond this, what distinguishes its work is the poetry of its productions, achieved through a conscientious, aesthetic pursuit to create puppets, and continuous research; those are the axle and motor driving all projects.

Between June 2012 and August 2014 the exhibition “Títeres. 30 años de
Etcétera”, in Granada's Parque de las Ciencias, has presented an anthology of the company's first three decades of work.


"Lucchettino Clasic"

24/05 at 19:30. in the Conference Centre of Kilkis
25/05 at 09:00. in the Conference Centre of Kilkis
25/05 at 11:00. in the Conference Centre of Kilkis

Eccentric comedy & Clown oniric
60 minutes
For all audiences from 7+
No words.

The show
"Lucchettino" is italian for "Luca Regina & Tino Fimiani" literally it means "eccentric comedy", but they define it thus: Have you ever been in a dream and thought you were awake? "Voila!" Just like that!. "Lucchettino!", ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves to submit to an evening of comic delirium, and fits of laughter into which you will be dragged, kicking and screaming by your kind hosts Luchettino!
Luca e Tino, exist in a state of total confusion, sometimes they are enlightened but other times they get confused by the simplest everyday happenings, as they take you on an incredible journey into their world of comic absurdity.
After the great success on the television program "Zelig circus" and their collaboration with the great transformist, Arturo Brachetti... “Lucchettino” presents an explosive show: the best sketches from the last 20 years of his artistic career. The most delirious...the most disastrous...the most fun. Laughter is assured.



The company
The eccentric comic duo Luca&Tino have grown from the roots of physical theater, traditional clowning, circus and commedia dell'arte. They stand firmly on the shoulders of giants such as Jacques Tati, Mr Bean and Jango Edwards. Since 1992 Luca&Tino have taken part in all the most important festivals of comic theatre, in italy and abroad. Performing not only in many places, but also in many languages: Italian, English, Greek, Russian, French and German. Winners of numerous prizes in italy and the rest of the world, regular performers on italian TV, including: Zelig Circus, Zelig Off and Maurizio Costanzo Show. During their travels they met up with the great clown Jango Edwards, who went on to direct their hit show "CATZ" Another important collaboration in their career was with the celebrated greek actor Ieroclis Michailidis (Agami Thite show) with whom the did an exhaustive tour of greece. After a several years touring separately, they reunited in 2012 upon the advice of Arturo Brachetti, the international star who has now taken up the role of directing their show.

Michele Cafaggi

“L'Omino della Pioggia”... a night between soap, water and bubbles
"Fantasy is a place where it rains inside"

15/05 at 09:00. in the Conference Centre of Kilkis
15/05 at 11:00. in the Conference Centre of Kilkis
16/05 at 19:00. in the Conference Centre of Kilkis

  1. duration 60 minutes
  2. for any kind of public
  3. without words
  4. visual theatre. Clowning, mime, magic, soap bubbles

The show
It's raining, the window is open and in the house we need an umbrella.
Really strange these little man all drenched: does a sneeze and out of a soap bubble! ...two, in fact...Oh son many soap bubbles!
But what happens? The house is filled with bubbles of all sizes, tiny and huge, frothy and transparent as crystal. Meanwhile, the rain stops falling. And soon the snow will fall as well. Etciù!
A magical show.... for young and old, a must see for children!
Michele Cafaggi, Italy's finest Bubble Magician, brings his delightful new show Omino (little man), to ______. Cafaggis work is a marvelous blend of classical Italian clowning and bubbles….. a cacophony of soap and silliness.
Omino, is haunted by bad weather, it even rains when he is in the house! However he soon discover that each object can be used to create bubbles and magical surprises.
Omino recounts how on his travels he must continually deal with the emergency of bad weather but when all seems lost the magic of bubbles and the power of the imagination intervenes to save him the strength to go on.
To accompany the dance of bubbles is an original music by David Baldi.
''Wherever he goes, Omino carries the rain and so, even at home, he takes an umbrella. When he sneezes, bubbles jump out of his mouth, slowly invading the entire room. Tiny and giant bubbles, frothy and transparent bubbles''.


The performer
Michele Cafaggi is a mime, a clown and a juggler, and has studied for many years to develop the giant bubbles technique theatrically.
He studied in Italy and in France with Jango Edwards, Quelli di Grock , Philippe Gaulier, Marcel Marceau, Philippe Radice, at the Ecole Nationale du Cirque Fratellini, at the Circus School in Milano, and at the School of theatrical improvvisation. From 1993 he works as street artist, collaborating with youth aggregation centres, retirement homes, jails, schools, kindergartens and hospitals. Is Clown Doctor for Theodora Foundation.

Percussion ensemble "Aintos"

“Kylise o tentzeris kai vrike to kapaki”*

23/05, at 18:00. Conference Centre

Theatrical play with animated objects
40 minutes
For all ages

The play
In a kitchen, where sounds have their own harmony, a pot faces the rejection of its musicality by a large number of its cohabitants.
The pot is old, does not have a lid anymore and the sounds it makes miff many of this musical kitchen's pots and pans.
Having to confront the constant disapproval and non-acceptance of its differences, the pot decides to embark on a quest, searching for new sounds while visiting different musical landscapes, all the while looking for its missing matching lid.
A music performance full of rhythms and melodies, employing kitchen utensils in a dual role: as percussion instruments and as animated props (theatrical artifacts.) The musicians who act on stage blend the languages of music and theater: they blur the lines between animated objects and actors on the one hand and body percussion and body theater on the other.

Music: Lefteris Aggouridakis. Director: Evi Hatzimytakou. Script: Katerina Amprazi. Sets: Charis Ischnopoulos. Band's Members: Antony Michailidis. Anastasia Dimaki . Anastasia Praxiga. George Stylianidis. Despoina Aslanidou. Despoina-Joanna Tsouvelekidou . Heracles Sygouridis. Themis Naoumis. Joanna Kozanidou. Katerina Amprazi . Lela Avgidou . Suzan Gounaridou . Stela Doudoumi. Charalabos Makridis. Charis Ischnopoulos . Chris Kanaropoulos
*The tile, which can be translated as “the pot rolled and found its lid”, in Greek has the same meaning as the phrase “birds of a feather flock together”

The Band
The band of percussion instruments "Aintos" was formed in October 1999 by the music instructor and inspirer Lefteris Aggouridakis.Until 2013 the municipality of the city of Kilkis has been the main financial supporter of the band, which was known as "Percussion Instruments Band of Municipality of Kilkis". By September 2013 the band joined the cultural association named "Irida".
The band is composed of amateur musicians whose purpose is to present music performances based on international music rhythms as well as their own music compositions. The band has taken part in many music performances in Greece and Cyprus. It has also cooperated with other bands and musicians such as "the brass instruments of Goumenissa", "Krustophono","Krustodia", and "the percussion instruments band of Aiginio". In June 2005 the band has released the album "Ntum Tek" and in 2013 the band participated in the 15th International Puppet-Mime Festival of Kilkis performing the musical and theatrical show "Azdar".

State puppet Theatre-Burgas


18/05 at 19:00. in the Conference Centre of Kilkis
19/05 at 09:00. in the Conference Centre of Kilkis
19/05 at 11:00. in the Conference Centre of Kilkis

Puppets & objects
50 minutes
No words
For all audiences

The show
A modern puppet show from master Bulgarian puppeteers embroidered with folkloric elements. The entertaining atmosphere of the play will charm the audience from all ages.
The play where traditional and modern are skillfully mingled is the most recent production of State puppet theatre - Burgas.>
While watching the play housing all the details of the art of puppetry, you will not only have fun but also learn a lot of things about this art.

TUMBA-LUMBA is a word-picture of the rhythm and sound of the drum - the elder of the Bulgarian folk percussion instruments. It is a rhythm throbbing with the heart -beat which makes our blood vibrate to the beat of the music and stirs our nature into an exuberant, perfectly harmonious dance - the dance of life.
This is the dance of life depicting the sunrise, the wealth of seasons' colour, the rapture over the rich harvest and the joy of existence.
Deeply rooted in folk art the 'tumba-lumba' rthythm touches the very depths of our souls filling them to the brim with genuine gaiety and optimism.
You can see fragments of life of work, love life and mystic experiences of the Bulgarian and all that performed by means of expression of one completely different ritual puppet theatre.


The company
Bulgaria is recognized for having one of the most popular and sophisticated traditions for puppet theatre in the world.
State puppet Theatre-Burgas is recognized as one of the leading puppet theatres in the country. Founded in 1954 the company became a state theatre in 1962.
Specializing in Bulgarian folk tales and classical children literature, the theatre has created more then 250 productions, which have been seen by more than 3 million spectators.
The company has a repertory of 25 productions and creates 3 new productions annually.

The theatre has received scores of awards from major national and international festivals. Tours in Europe, Asia, North America, Africa.

Tanxarina Puppet Theatre


22/05 at 19:45. in the Conference Centre of Kilkis
26/05 at 09:00. in the Conference Centre of Kilkis.
26/05 at 11:00. in the Conference Centre of Kilkis

Puppet theatre, Mime & clown
50 minutes
For Alla audiences 6+
No words

The company
The company Tanxarina was founded in 1983 by several former students of Harry Tozer. Since then, it has become one of the most recognized and prestigious companies of the galician puppet theatre, both within Galicia and abroad.
They produce and distribute their own shows, where they combine several animation techniques and acting.
TROGLODITAS is their 16th show, which opened in summer 2010. Other shows, like 'Titiricircus' or 'Os Narigudos' have been performed all around the world (Spain, Portugal, Greece, Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Cuba, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala...).
Currently, the company consists of Eduardo Rodríguez Cunha 'Tatán', Miguel Borines Fernández and Andrés Giráldez Río. The three of them have done stagings and audio-visual productions for other companies.

The play
Three troglodytes invite us to come into the first theater of the prehistory, The Cave, where we will attend a comedy show full of humor and madness. An unusual performance where, along with the puppets and their most primitive skills, we will get to know our most fun ancestors' lifestyle. A surprising atmosphere, an original language and a prehistoric scenery will make the audience lose track of time and boredom during the performance.



(Darja de Caluwe, Petrina Vassou & Alexandra Iordanidou)

“Eyes, Ears & the Rest”
20/05 at 09:00 & 11:00. Performance + workshop with children. Hellenic-Austrian tobacco warehouse
21/05 at 09:00 & 11:00. Performance + workshop with children. Hellenic-Austrian tobacco warehouse
22/05 at 17:00. Presentation of the project in public with educators. Hellenic-Austrian tobacco warehouse

Deferents Puppet technics.
30 minutes + 20 minutes workshop
4 years +

Eyes, Ears & the Rest (working title) is part of the UNIMA WOMEN'S COMMISSION PROJECT. This project has the aim of discovering, accompanying and supporting the new generation of puppetry authors & puppeteers and is also a platform of UNIMA partners organizing this worldwide operation.
The UNIMA WOMEN'S COMMISSION PROJECT supports emerging puppetry artists and enables young companies to create their first shows in optimal conditions. Thanks to the organizers of the Kilkis festival the performers can proudly present their first episode. After coming together in March 2015 in the Topic Centre in Tolosa (Spain) for an artistic laboratory and working week, Darja de Caluwe, Petrina Vassou & Alexandra Iordanidou will show you their unique performance and developments.

First episode: My cat is a very special cat.
A cat has a soft fur.They walk on pillowfeet. Cats have soft moustachesand sharp nails. Feel it. That is why the cat is our theatre animal of feeling. You can feel with your hands. You can feel with your feet. You can feel with your whole skin,and with your moustache if you have one. Feel warm and cold, big and small, heavy and light,coarse and fine.We are going to feel all of this, for real and in our fantasy. With our skin and hair. Because our cat is a very special cat. She was special from the moment she came out of the belly of her mother. Seriously true! She just walked out of her mother! She waved with her tail and stepped into the room. She did it very secretly, that is true.Only when you watch the show she comes…

In this performance we use little words, but a lot of different puppets & objects.
Special thanks to Damiet van Dalsum, Tamiko Onagi, Idoya Otegui & Juanjo Corrales for their unconditional believe and support.

Performers Darja de Caluwe, Petrina Vassou & Alexandra Iordanidou




Κυριακή 24 Μαΐου στις 11.00 στο Συνεδριακό Κέντρο Κιλκίς

Η καλλιτεχνική διεύθυνση του 17ου Φεστιβάλ  Κουκλοθέατρου και Παντομίμας Κιλκίς σε συνεργασία με την Πολιτιστική Εταιρία Εκπαιδευτικών Ν. Κιλκίς, δίνει τη δυνατότητα στους εκπαιδευτικούς και στους μαθητές των σχολείων της πόλης, να συμμετέχουν με τις κουκλοπαικτικές τους  δραστηριότητες, σ'ένα ομαδικό κουκλοθεατρικό  δρώμενο, στο πλαίσιο του φεστιβάλ, με θέμα:
«Η Νύχτα και τα Συναισθήματα— Κούκλο-θεατρικά παιχνίδια μέσα από την φαντασία και τις εμπειρίες των παιδιών».

Η Πολιτιστική Εταιρία ανέλαβε να ενημερώσει, να εμψυχώσει και να οργανώσει τα σχολεία του Κιλκίς, που δήλωσαν συμμετοχή για να δουλέψουν το παραπάνω θέμα, κατά τη διάρκεια του δευτέρου τετραμήνου του έτους, με στόχο να παρουσιάσουν, μέσα από τη σωματική έκφραση, το εκπαιδευτικό δράμα και κυρίως το κουκλοθέατρο, μια μικρή παράσταση. Η παρουσίαση του κάθε σχολείου διαρκεί 5 έως 15 λεπτά.

Η Πολιτιστική Εταιρία ως συνδιοργανώτρια προμηθεύει τα αναλώσιμα υλικά που χρειάζεται το κάθε σχολείο, για τις σκηνογραφικές απαιτήσεις  του έργου που παρουσιάζει.
Παράλληλα μ' αυτό, η Πολιτιστική Εταιρία μαζί με την καλλιτεχνική διεύθυνση του φεστιβάλ  και συγκεκριμένα με την σκηνοθετική παρέμβαση του θεατρο-παιδαγωγού και σκηνοθέτη  Koldo Vio, υποστηρίζει σκηνοθετικά και παιδαγωγικά τους δασκάλους που συμμετέχουν με τα παιδιά τους.

Η κουκλοθεατρική παράσταση που απολαμβάνετε σήμερα, είναι αλυσιδωτή, και αποδεικνύει ότι όλα τα παιδιά μέσα από την πειθαρχία του θεάτρου, με την κατάλληλη καθοδήγηση, είναι δημιουργικά και  έχουν ένα πρωταγωνιστικό ρόλο ο καθένας τους  επί σκηνής, βιώνοντας τη μαγεία του Κουκλοθεάτρου  και της Παντομίμας.

Στο τέλος του Κουκλοθεατρικού δρώμενου, περίπου στις 13.00, σας προσκαλούμε  εσάς, ναι ! εσάς  τους θεατές, να αξιολογήσουμε όλοι μαζί, με αγάπη,  την προσπάθεια των παιδιών μας , λαμβάνοντας υπ' όψη την ηλικία  τους  και να καταθέσουμε τις απόψεις μας  για τη επίδραση αλλά και τη  χρήση του παιδαγωγικού δράματος και του κουκλοθεάτρου, σαν εκπαιδευτικά εργαλεία στο σχολείο.


“Bodies and objects in motion”

22/05 at 21:00. Conference Centre

AGE: 10 years old
TYPE: Physical Theatre, Dance Theatre / PHYSICAL

The studio members of Plefsis group are staging a performance consisting of two solos and one duet. These constitute a representative sample of the performances presented in the context of the "Bodies and objects in motion" festival, which Plefsis group has been organizing for the last 8 years in collaboration with Fournos theater.
Direction: Antonis Koutroumpis. Costumes: Olga Gerogiannaki

“I love you”
Creation, choreography, performing: Miranda Vatikioti, Konstantinos Michail
Music: Merilyn Manson, Mayhem, Flanger

Creation, choreography, performing: Natassa Zafeiropoulou
Music:  Mary and the boy, CocoRosie, Lena Platonos



“Das ist ... ”
Creation, choreography, performing: Olga Gerogiannaki
Music: Aaron Martin, Boubakar Djebate, Heiner Goebbels

"O trellos tou vasilia"

“Red & Black”

15/05 at 22:00. Conference Centre

Shadow Theatre
Duration 45'
The performance is for all family
No words.

The play
How many different little red riding hoods have walked through time? And how many times have they 've been lost in the forest? Time passes and along rolls and unwraps the ball of string of fairy tales which its edge is been hold by companions lived long ago before us and even though the string  reaches us every time. We start knitting the knots of our story when little red riding hood hunted by the wolf stumbles and falls behind our shadow screen.The wolf follows her after, while in a game of light and shadow everything turns black.But not everything is black, passion red remains and steps out in every like comics black and white scene and leads the story. A version of the world known little red riding hood story played in shadow theater and performed  in a comics way under the sound of original score that blends traditional patterns with electric rock.
Shadow puppets: Alexandros Monokandylos, Angeliki Gounaridi. Music: Evripidis Zafeiras

The company
Puppet troupe "O  trellos tou vasilia" (king's fool) was born in 2010 by Alexandros Monokandylos. Voices habitats of his head who were desperately searching for a way out, they made it through puppet theater to meet with the fairy tales of his heart. Since then he has produced many puppet and shadow shows for children and adults and has collaborated with other theater companies and children theater companies in design and construction of set's, costumes and theatrical puppets.
The puppet troupe and the audience meet in theaters, schools, bistros, social centers squats and in the streets.


16/05 at 17:00 , Outside the city center of Kilkis
17/05at 17:30 , ΤΕΧΝΗ Association of Kilkis
18/05 at 09:00 & 11:00 , Austro-Helenik snuff stores

    Puppet show with marotes
    60 minutes
    3 ages +
    In Greek

The play
Beautiful, smart and hard working, the heroine of the story, is growing bigger the jealousy of her stepmother and stepsister. The result of this is her persecution from the house. After a series of trials the reward comes. The message of the fairy tale : The fight against serious difficulties in life is inevitable. But if someone does not feel discouragement and face undismayed unexpected and more often unfair trials, then domains to all the barriers and finally becomes a winner.

The story belongs to the big circle of the fairy tales, which have as a subject the sister or female jealousy, in combination with the motif of the persecuted daughter.

This particular fairy tale represents one of the most famous fairy tales of the oral tradition and it is found almost in the whole world. In Greece we have 206 variations.

The puppets are marotes, a kind of a puppet with an excellent movement and vitality. Each puppet is unique, it has a sculptured face from wooden pulp and the edges are woodcuts. The puppeteers are manipulating the puppets with a mechanism which is in the inner area of their bodies and the edges with wire small sticks, ensuring by an excellent accuracy the performance of the movements of each character.


The "Workshop MAIRIVI" operates since 1999 as a non profit organization with the purpose of research, deployment and expansion in Greece of the art of puppetry in its modern broad sense.
Each year the Workshop brings its own productions open to the public and hosts performances by other puppetry troupes, thus establishing a permanent puppet scene in downtown Athens.

The "Workshop MAIRIVI" is housed in a listed building in the area of Metaxourgio. In this space educational programs are organized for adults and children. There is also a permanent exhibition of theatrical puppets.

The theatrical activities are housed in a purely theatrical space in Psiri.

The Workshop is also touring Greece with performances and educational programs.

WORKSHOP. Deligiorgi 33, Metaxourgeio / THEATRE. Sachtouri 4 & Sarri, Psiri.

''Gypsy Moth''

 "Around the laundy in 30 minutes"

25/05 at 19:00. Conference Centre
Duration: 30 minutes
Language: Greek
Ages: 4+
Technique: Objects


The play
Two wandering gypsies are putting their laundry on a rope.
A caterpillar, found in one's hair scarf, begins her own journey in the tiny world of drying clothes, seeking for a home.Who is living in the skirt's pockets, who is residing in the girlish little dress? Every cloth has it's own special resident!
"Around the laundy in 30 minutes"


The company
The "Gypsy Moth" team, begun their own journey, from Giannitsa Theater Workshop. Their first work was the puppet theater show "Selana" (for adults) which was their awarded nomination for the "15th International Puppet-Mime Festival" in Kilkis, for the 5th meeting of new Greek puppeteers. They were also chosen to participate in Unima women's commission's programme, a collaboration of new female puppeteers from five european countries, in Spain, on March 2015. The "Around the laundry in 30 minutes" show, is their first play for children, which was their awarded nomination for the 6th meeting of new greek puppeteers, in Kilkis' international festival, on October 2014.

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