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6th Symposium for Social Theatre

Topic:  “Puppetry in education”

The 6th Symposium for Social Theatre, will suggest this year actions and experiences from using theatre and puppetry in education. It will take place on 14/10 .
For that cause, we will co-operate with Aristotle University, with University of Athens as well as with the Hellenic Greek Drama/Theatre & Education Network.
We will present programs and applications that are now being practised in selected schools (at public schools and experimental schools from students of Faculty of Education). Our main point is to start a discussion for puppet theatre as an educational and aesthetic tool in the classroom and in school’s routine.

Symposium Programme 14/10/2014 - Greetings

  • Juanjo Corrales, Artistic Director of Kilkis Puppet and Mime Festival
  • Ntina Tsolaki. Teacher, President of Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network
  • Maria Tsirampidou, president of O.P.O.N.G.A. municipality of Kilkis

17.30-18.30 – 1st session
Main Speeches

  • Puppetry and/in Education, Antigone Parousi. Puppeteer and Associate Professor of Puppet Theatre, Faculty of Education, Athens University.
  • The teachers’ training on puppet theatre, Antonis Lenakakis. Lecturer of Drama/Theatre-Pedagogy, Faculty of Education, Aristotle University
  • Puppets and objects in educational or therapeutic environment, Rene Baker, Principal Puppetry tutor at Turku Polytechnic- Academy of Applied Arts, Finland.
  • The Dramatization approach, Μartha Katsaridou. teacher, Dr. at Aristotle University / member of Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network

18.30-19.30 - 2η session
Puppet theatre in education: research plans of Drama/educational group Paedagogus Ludens, Aristotle University-Faculty of Education

  • Original educational and research programs with puppet as vehicle: Concept, Practice Ioanna Argyropoulou & Maria Loula, graduates of Faculty of Education, , Aristotle University- Faculty of Education,
  • Pedagogical dimensions of puppet and puppetry in school,Maria Penki, Chrysanthi Sidiropoulou & Ifigeneia Tsolaki , graduates of Faculty of Education-Aristotle University, Antonis Lenakakis Lecturer of Drama/Theatre-Pedagogy
  • Psycho-social dimensions of puppet and puppetry in school, Vasiliki Mpalli & Maria-Emily Papdimitriou Vogiatzi,  , graduates of Faculty of Education-Aristotle University, Antonis Lenakakis Lecturer of Drama/Theatre-Pedagogy

19.30-20.45 – 3rd session
Puppet Theatre: good practices, methods and relevant bibliographic suggestions

  • Puppet theatre in “flexible zone” of primary school, Anastasia Kapsali. Primary School Teacher.
  • Puppet theatre in occupational training, Thalia Karypidou. Teacher of Puppetry at Private School ΙΕΚ Delta
  • “Music-Puppet-Theatre”- Book presentation, Georgia Vasileiadou. Pre-school teacher
  • 35 years of Puppet Theatre experiences in Kindergarden, Soula Svolaki. Pre-school teacher/ Educators cultural union of Kilkis

20.45-21.00 – Discussion- Closure of the symposium

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