International Puppet - Mime Festival of Kilkis - Διεθνές Φεστιβάλ

Theater companies and their projects

  19. ParaMana Puppet Theatre
circo activoa



05/10 at 12:00
06/10 at 12:00

in the Eirini Square

playtime: 50 minutes
public: all ages
non spoken


After 10 years of intense circus-training and street-performance experience in more than 15 countries, Ivan Alone Circoactivo captures the essence of his life’s passion in an innovative and participatory circus extravaganza.

With nothing more than a five-meter pole, a bucket, a microphone and overalls, Ivan-the-Clown brings the audience onto his stage to achieve his objective: fabricate a floating circus that captivates spectators only to mystify them with a spectacular finale.

Ivan-the-Clown demonstrates the awkwardness of playing with real problems even as he displays the technical virtuosity of an artist. Incredulously, Ivan-the-Clown defies gravity with a dancer’s fluidity and an acrobat´s audacity.

Ivan’s performance is the crossroads of the clown’s absurdity and the gymnast’s gracefulness.

Circoactivo is guaranteed to leave you and your friends speechless.


2008, recognition in “Strassenfiffi” (2nd price),  Germany (1st price) and ZARAGOZA “Off DE CALLE”, Spain (Best show 2008)
2009 “Most Original Performance” in San José, Costa Rica


The artist

circo activobIván Alonso González
Working as solo performer since 2003.
After 5 years of professional guitar player, he mets the circus skills in Lisbon and followed various circus training courses at Circus Schools in Spain, Brazil, and France.
Defined his specialty to Clown, Handstands and Chinese Pole.
Founding member of Circ Bover, and toured for 2 years. 2003
1998-present: Working with two solo-performances for over ten years in theatre festivals as well as on the street in more than 15 countries.
Participate in social circus projects
Iván Alone is an adventurer, geologist and multi-cultural clown that has traveled around the world thanks to the circus, from refugee camps in the Sahara desert to the working class neighborhoods of Chile to a circus school in Colombia to various festivals in Europa, South America and Asisa.

Iván Alone has been awarded in various junctures of his career and in various parts of the world, proviong his widespread appeal to all cultures.


Visual performance after the music of Modest Mussorgsky

06/10 at 19:300
7/10 at 09:00 & 11:00

in the Municipal Theatre
Duration – 45 min.
No words
For all audiences +3
Shadow Theatre


Pictures at an Exhibition is one of the masterpieces of the genius Russian composer Modest Mussorgsky. Its music is colourful, sensual and charismatic. Inspired by this music, the creative team offers us an untraditional performance of live painting with coloured shadows. A "likeably crazy" artist is trying to make the picture of his life, striving at beauty and perfection, but right there on his way a dark force emerges, the evil, the negation, the SPOT. It attempts to stain and destroy art. IT confronts the light pictures full of colour with depressing black-and-white daubery. In the black-and-white world however a little drop of paint survives, modifies into a flower and this last ray of hope withstands the arrogant and aggressive SPOT and restores the motley world of the good... Written and directed by Biserka Kolevska Scenery – Svila Velichkova Artist performed by: Stefan Dimitrov /guest/Pictures performed by: Ventsislava Asenova, Georgi Stoyanov, Dimitar Todorov, Ivan Raykov, Mimy Yordanova, Hristo Dimitrov.

The company

Founded in 1946 by Mara Penkova, who used her own meager resources to fund the troupe in those lean post-war years, the first Bulgarian puppet theater quickly succeeded in capturing the public's attention. Only two years later, the troupe was awarded a state subsidy and became the first officially-recognized professional state theater in Bulgaria. Since its founding, the puppet theater has staged more than 300 plays.
The theatre's artistic production has explored every genre and style from puppet miniature through music stories, pantomime, theatre of shadows, comedy, satire and grotesque to the heroic epic performance.
The group of actors has played and maintains in its repertoire unforgettable classical works by Charles Perrault, Wilhelm Hauff, Hans Christian Andersen, Exupery, Pushkin, Boccaccio, Tostoy, Shakespeare, the Grimm Brothers, Goldoni, Moliere, as well as mane Bulgarian authors who have long been part of the child dramaturgy treasure like Valery Petrov, Yordan Radichkov, Rada Moskova, Boris Aprilov, Ivan Teofilov etc.
Every year the theatre has more than 20 titles in its repertoire, performs on stage more than 500 times and prepares up to 6 new performances every season, showing high quality theatre for children and adults with more than 50.000 spectators annually.
The actors enjoy the love and loyalty of their audience, together with numerous national and international awards, building a reputation of artistic and professional excellence.

On 23 May 2001 the internationally famous Central Puppet Theatre was renamed Sofia Puppet Theatre and became one of the cultural institutes of the Sofia Municipality. It is a repertoire theatre formation with a permanent group, technical and administrative staff, two stages (main on 14 Gurko Street and second on 19 Yanko Sakazov Street) and studios for production of puppets and scenery, as well as an equipped sound recording studio.

A Drama in Education workshop for primary school children

“The trip of the refugees”

A Drama in Education workshop for primary school children

Putting emphasis on the fact that the refugees over time constitute an important part of the people who live in the region of Kilkis, the drama/ theatre in education workshop aims to sensitize the students to the specific subject. Having as main teaching tools the drama/ theatre in education method and specific literature books, the participants share their knowledge, their views, stories they have heard. Thus, they construct the collective memory, by examining the historical events, while through role-playing they come in touch with the refugees and their everyday problems.

Duration: 2 school hours
Age group: 4th, 5th 6th grade of primary school.

“A LA SOMBRITA”, Τeatro de “pocas” luces (Spain)

"El Patito feo" (Το ασχημόπαπο)

04/10 στις 09:00 & στις 11:00
04/10 στις 20:30

Στο Δημοτικό θέατρο

Ηλικία: +3
Διάρκεια: 50 λεπτά
Χωρίς λόγια
Θέατρο Σκιών


The puppet is as old as man himself
A LA SOMBRITA, "dim-witted" theatre was born in 2000 in the locality of Écija and has already become a reference company in the world of puppets and shadows. We continue evolving and new projects. A LA SOMBRITA, is a factory of dreams" which helps to "activate the  magination".
In these years we have performed six own productions, as well as works for other companies.
A LA SOMBRITA  is the only company of Andalusia which is dedicated to the technique of shadows and lighting for puppets, a purely artisanal work that also abound in Spain.
A LA SOMBRITA  has created their own language in the shows of shadows. These courses are demanded at the international level and is running puppeteers of several places that gather in puppet festivals.


"The Ugly Duckling" is the fifth performance of the company "A la Sombrita". In this performance it is developed all the elements than makes this company rather than singular. The version of the work of Hans Christian Andersen, tells the story of a swan who is born accidentally in a wrong nest. From the beginning "The Ugly Duckling" is rejected by the farm society for being different. It is unacceptable for the others for being, simply, different and is forced into exile because of the lack of understanding, ignorance and cruelty of deliberate wickedness. But almost always is worse stay in place that is not for us than walk lost for some time. At the end of a long journey of shortage, but also of learning, The Ugly Duckling discovers, after seeing himself reflected in the water, that he is also a beautiful swan. An end that open us to the hope than the differences are almost always beneficial and create a bright future.
In that way, from the more traditional and complex skill , we will enjoy the story of self-improvement, the one of our likeable and shading Ugly Duckling.
Alberto Alfaro



Adaptación y Guión Técnico: JOSÉ-DIEGO RAMÍREZ
Diseños Siluetas: JUAN PEDRO RIEGO
Escenografía e Iluminación: JOSE-DIEGO RAMIREZ
Taller de Realización: Mari Luz Riego, Manolo Rodríguez y José-Diego Ramírez
Producción Ejecutiva y Distribución: M. LUZ RIEGO


Angélico Musgo Project

“Ros. Melógamo Mínimo of a trip”
Show of puppets and objects manupulation

11/10 at 11:00: in the Cultural Centre “Kipos”
11/10 at 19:00 : in the Municipal Theatre
12/10 at 18:30 : in the Municipal Theatre

Audience: family show, +9.
Duration: 55 minutes.
Technique:Table of manipulation. Glove, rod and objects
No words


Ros is the story of a short trip. Of what stays and what leaves.
Of a suitcase where you can entrust all the impossible to vanish. The effort of a character to find his own place. A gesture as minimum as that what really matters. The story of character trying to find his place. A journey of tenderness with only a hand and a ball: Ros discovers that the smallest details are what really matters and they give him the strength to carry on. When everything seems lost, and you feel alone and disconnected, there is always an opening inside ourselves we are able to fly.


Author: Ramón Pascual-Lindes Farré
Direction:Lindes Farré
Manipulation:Ramón Pascual
Original music from Santiago González


The company

Ramón Pascual.
It was there where his soul was stolen by puppets and started being interested in their manufacturing and manipulation. He took some courses with Jordi Bertrán, Cía. El Chonchón, Chris Geris Plansjet, Claudio Hochman. In 2008 he directed the producer company Creatics. He has also writen and directed Isla Buffet, a show with puppets and actors. He is now the director of the "Primavera de Titelles" (Spring of puppets), a puppets and children's theater annual show in Tarragona. He has also founded and directs the project Angélico Musgo, theater with objects and puppets

Lindes Farré
Actress, director, clown and puppeteer
Graduated in Social Education and Postgraduated in Social Theatre. Qualified in Drama by the “Centro de Formación e Investigación Teatral La Casona. Barcelona Formed in the discipline of clowning by Eric Bond, Virginia Imaz, Organic Theater, Philippe Gaulier Anthony Valen and others.
She worked as a clown for five years at the Hospital Vall d'Hebron in Barcelona. As a puppeteer, she was formed with Trapalanda Theatre. Worked at "Los Lunis" (TVE) during the years 2005-06. She manages several puppet shows for Tutatis production.

Anna Ivanova


My personal relationship with puppetry began when such creative titans as E. G. Craig and Tadeusz Kantor revealed to me what a puppet can be. For a long time my interests remained purely research-based. I wondered why human culture had produced so many various types of puppets and, searching for the answer, I wrote my PhD dissertation about the philosophical aspects of the puppet technology.
After 10 years of teaching Puppet Theatre History and Theory courses at the St.-Petersburg Theatre Arts Academy, (and running the Puppetry Department at the same time), I was invited in 2001 by Ari Ahlholm to Finland, to the Turku Arts Academy, where together we have built the only regular education system for puppeteers in the Nordic and Baltic countries, and invented an unique project-based method of teaching puppetry.
My pedagogical experiments have in time inspired me to express my own ideas artistically, and in 2009 I have begun a career as a director. I have directed visual-theater shows in Finland, Poland, and Lithuania, most of them based on the original dramatic material.
In 2005, along with my Finnish colleagues we established an independent artistic association for promoting puppetry in Finland – The Turku International Puppetry Connection (The TIP-Connection), and since 2010, we are hosting the Turku International Puppetry Festival – The TIP-Fest.
Thanks to puppetry I have discovered a lot of impossible things about human nature and humankind. And still, I am absolutely certain that “somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known” (Oscar Wilde).


"Puppet poems - On the dance steps."

05/10 at 17:00: Theatre “Techni”in Kilkis.
06/10 at 11:00: Out the town
08/10 at 19:00: in the municipal theatre.

Duration: 70 min
For all ages up to 3 years old
In Greek

The play

Interactive puppet show
The story of a dancer who longs to dance in a true theater but without having the necessities:
Stage, Lights, Music, Costumes, not even choreography.
Active viewers the children are asked to find solutions to the problems of our little dancer. and assist in the development of the action.

The company

The laboratory of manufacture and puppet theater “antamapantahou” was established in 1992 by Nikos Tompros and Eleni Panagiotou at Vasilika of Northern Evoia in Greece.
From 1994 onwards, it has been performing in the streets, theaters, schools and international festivals in Greece and Europe.
In 2002, it was commissioned by the Hellenic Culture Organization to tour in 8 cities in Greece and Cyprus, within the framework of the Cultural Olympiad Programme. Apart from its own productions, it has developed co-operative projects with outstanding Greek musicians and theater groups.
As an integral part of its overall policy, Antamapantahou organizes and delivers seminars and workshops for children and adults in the fields of puppet and marionette manufacture and puppet animation.
Antamapantahou working method combines a variety of puppet theater, pantomime and physical theater techniques. Its performances are being developed in a way that emphasises on the relationship between the puppet and the puppeteer, always aiming to develop the puppet into a distinct and self-animated character.




09/10 at 09:00 & 11:00 & 19:00 : in the Municipal Theatre
10/10 at 09:00 & 11:00 : in the Municipal Theatre

Duration: 55 minutes
For all audiences +6
In Greek language

Story synopsis:

There is one Baron Munchausen living inside every man – an inventor, a hero, a gentleman… And there is one Sleeping Beauty snoozing inside every woman, waiting to be kissed and awaken for a new and wild life…
The show about the heroic adventures of the cute baron seeks the answer to one question: “Why do we tend to imagine things?” Sometimes the true life is so cruel and scary, that we prefer to live inside the romantic world of our imagination and run away from the reality to the tempting world of the possibilities…
That is Baron Munchausen. Telling the stories of his impossible adventures, he resents the real world, but at the same time, somehow helps a little girl named Rosy, to solve an important dilemma, she had on her mind.
The belief that you are not what you are, but what you want to be gives her the chance to fantasize along with the baron and run away from the cruelty of the everyday life. He gives her the strength to stand against the difficulties of her life in the future.
The set is a simple looking, but rather complicated metal construction, which helps the actors to use and manipulate the space quite effectively. The show is based on an impressive mixture of life acting and about 20 puppets, representing colourful characters from Munchausen’s fantasy world.
Baron of Munchausen has received many awards in deferents Internationals festival since 2007.

Story by: Slavcho Malenov
Stage design and puppets by: Silva Bachvarova and Vassil Rokomanov
Music by: Vladimir Djambazov
Director: Slavcho Malenov

The company

The theatre “Atelie 313” is a private puppet company. It was founded in 1989 as an Experimental formation for Music, Dance and Theater.
Since 1992 the new art-manager Peter Pashov (a well-known puppetry director) completed the aesthetic credo of the company, introducing the use of Masks and Puppets.
The theatre “Atelie 313” has its own stage with light and sound equipment and a little hall with a 120 seats.
The theatre performs for children: “Who pulls the strings”, “The Christmas tree”, “The twelve months”, “Cinderella”, “When the St. Claus arrives”, “The adventures of Chipolino”, “Buratino”, “The brave tailor”, “Peter Pan” etc.
Family: “The Dream of the travelling Actor ”,”Baron Munchausen”
For adults: “The Centerville Ghost” by Oscar Wilde and “The Master and Margarita” by Mihail Boulgakov and “The Honest Musketeers Word”, by Valeri Petrov, “At the end of November” after Touve Yanson.
The theatre works in a close collaboration with a lot of small private companies who performs there its shows
Every year theatre “Atelie 313” makes two new productions and has on its poster more than 18 titles which are seen from more than 80 000 people.
“Atelie 313” is a young theatre although the members of the company are a high-level professionals. The theater has been awarded with a lot of National and International Awards during its participation in different festivals.


“Garbage Monster”

07/10 at 19:00
08/10 at 09:00
08/10 at 11:00
In the Municipal Theatre
Age group: 7+
Play duration: 45 min
In Turkish with few words


Hacivat enters with songs and calls for Karagöz to come down and meet him. Karagöz tells him to leave him alone, but Hacivat doesn't give up. Karagöz finally jumps down and they have their usual fight.

Hacivat says that there are fish in the water close by and invites Karagöz to go fishing with him. Karagöz says he has some cleaning to do at home and cannot come. Hacivat brings his servant, Mercan, Instead to fish close to Karagoz' house. Karagöz is annoyed by this and throws his garbage directly into the sea every time they are just about to catch a fish. Of course they become irritated by this and go fishing somewhere else.

Now Karagöz has finished cleaning and goes fishing by himself. He takes his fishing rod, throws the line into the sea and continues throwing garbage into the water. Little does he know that the enormous Garbage Monster lives at the bottom where all the trash ends up. The monster gets angry at Karagöz's filthiness and swallows him! What happens next? Well, this you will see... enjoy the show…



The company: Cengiz Özek

Cengiz Özek has worked with traditional Turkish shadow theatre, also called Karagöz, since 1977 when he was 13 years old.

The first production was “Büyülü Ağaç – Magic Tree”, a play based on the shamanistic sources of Karagöz and compiles elements from a selection of the authentic and old performances still known.

Having a vast repertoire of classical Karagöz plays, Cengiz Özek Shadow Theatre produced its first modernization of Karagöz with “Çöp Canavarı” / “Garbage Monster” in 1998.

Same year he established the first Istanbul International Puppet Festival. It was the first attempt in its context to bring performing artists and companies from all over the world. The festival has continued annually ever since and has since then promoted and revived the art of puppet theatre around Istanbul.

Cengiz Özek Shadow Theatre has been hosted in many countries since it was founded and has performed more than 1000 shows as well as given workshops, exhibitions and lectures on Karagöz

Last 3 years' International tour (finished and scheduled):

Maribur - Switzerland , Routes of Pulcinella – Barcelona, Spain, Kilkis Puppet and Mime Festival – Greece, “Shadows and Clouds” International Children’s Festival – Skopje, Teatertradgaarden – Kavlinge, Sweden

Festival P’tits – Cannes, France. Puppets in the Green Mountains – Vermont, USA. The 3rd International Puppet Festival, Hanoi – Vietnam. Coproduction (Main actor): "Shadows of Love" - Pingding, Taiwan. Festival Mobarak Tehran, Iran. Lutfest – Bosnia and Herzegovina. Summer Festival – Egypt and Lebanon. Coproduction (Main actor): "Shadows of Love" at Taipei Arts Festival - Taiwan

Theater an der Ruhr – Germany. World Festival of Puppetry Charleville Menziers – France. Figurentheater Festival Basel – Switzerland. Il Castello Incantato – Locarno, Switzerland. Theater Figuren Museum – Lübeck, Germany. 15th Tehran International Ritual and Tradition Festival – Iran. 6th Eskişehir International Children’s and Youth Theatre Festival, Turkey. Mordovian International Puppet Theater Festival – Saransk, Russia. Ishara International Puppet Festival – New Delhi, India

Chuncheon Rainbow Puppet Company

“Find the Strongest Bridegroom in the World!”

10/10 at 19:00 in the Municipal Theater
11/10 at 09:00 in the Municipal Theater
11/10 at 11:00 in the Municipal Theater

Time : 45 minutes
Age : All ages
In Korean language

The company:

Chuncheon Rainbow Puppet Company (South Korea. Chuncheon, Gangwon Province)
The group name was founded in 1991. It is located in the capital city, Chuncheon of Kwangwon Province, where the Chuncheon puppet festival opens every year. It is the professional art group selected by Kangwon-do. It does performances over 30 times a year. The puppet shows give various educational activities.
The main performers are a married couple with three kids who are at the ages of 9, 11 and 14. They all play in puppet shows.
The players' list: Bae Yeongkyu, Kim Hyeonsun, Bae Juhye, Bae Subin, Bae Yoonseul

The show

There are two kinds of works to show.
The first one is about the Korean legends. This is for the children, and it is about a devoted mother mouse' s journey. She goes on a journey to look for the strongest bridegroom in the world for her daughter.
The second one is about the life of a butterfly.
We show the delicate puppet acting.

Masterclass Damiet van Dalsum


Bring objects to life with manipulation of movement and sound.

Damiet van Dalsum ( The Netherlands) wil lead the participants to create characters with material and objects. The participants will learn how to focus on the material and give them emotions though sound and movement. Damiet is renowned for expressing multiple meanings and deep human emotions trough her figurative puppets, her manipulation and sensitive voice.

Participants: puppetplayers, dancers, musician, theatermakers and so on.


"Little rooster"

07/10 at 09:00 & at 11:00: in the Cultural Center “Kipos”
08/10 at 09:00 & at 11:00: in the Cultural Center “Kipos”
09/10 στις 11:00: Out the town of Kilkis
10/10 στις 11:00: Out the town of Kilkis

Duration: 60’ | In greek | Public +3


The play

The story "The misokokorakos" belongs to the category of amoral folk tales. The theme in these stories is not the ethics, but to give the child the hope and assurance that even the most insignificant and humble can succeed in life.


The company

The "Workshop MAIRIVI" operates since 1999 as a non profit organization with the purpose of research, deployment and expansion in Greece of the art of puppetry in its modern broad sense.
Each year the Workshop brings its own productions open to the public and hosts performances by other puppetry troupes, thus establishing a permanent puppet scene in downtown Athens.
The "Workshop MAIRIVI" is housed in a listed building in the area of Metaxourgio. In this space educational programs are organized for adults and children. There is also a permanent exhibition of theatrical puppets.
The theatrical activities are housed in a purely theatrical space in Psiri.
The Workshop is also touring Greece with performances and educational


“When the Red Thread Was Lost in the Great Forest”

03/10 at 09:00 & 11:00 in the Cultural Center “Kipos”
04/10 at 11:00: Out the town of Kilkis.

Duration 1 hour
Target suitable for kids over 3 years old
Mixed techniques of manipulation (glove puppets-muppet-animated objects)
In greeck.

Are there any alarm clocks inside the Great Forest?
Are there any hedgehogs in Red-Riding Hood's fairy-tale?
Are there any head-grooms… and racket-brides?
Are there any crazy elves speaking magic foreign languages?
When the red thread is lost in the Great Forest… Everything is possible!

Puppet theatre and folk fairy tales' narration accompanied with live music and singing. Puppets, objects and people meet together in a world that there is no place for fear… the world of folk Greek tradition and music.  

Production credits
Narration –guitar: Kostadis Mizaras
Puppeteer: Gounaridi Angeliki


More Info

The puppetry and story-telling company FTOUXELEFTHERIA is composed by:
Angeliki Gounaridi (puppeteer) and Konstadis Mizaras (actor). FTOUXELEFTHERIA made its first appearance at the end of 2005.
Since then, the aim of the team is the creation and presentation of performances that can blend theatre and puppetry and the absolute interaction between the audience and the puppeteers. FTOUXELEFTHERIA do not narrate fairy tales… narrates to YOU fairy tales.


Κουκλοθέατρο Κοκου-Μουκλό


07/10 στις 11:00: σε δημοτικό διαμέρισμα εκτός Πόλεως
08/10 στις 11:00: σε δημοτικό διαμέρισμα εκτός Πόλεως
09/10 στις 09:00 & στις 11:00: στο πολιτιστικό Κέντρο “Κήπος”
10/10 στις 09:00 & στις 11:00: στο πολιτιστικό Κέντρο “Κήπος”

Διάρκεια 1 ώρα
Ηλικίες: από 3,5 και πάνω
Στα ελληνικά

Το έργο

Ο πονηρός μάγος Λοπωδύτ ανακατεύει στο τσουκάλι του μια θαυματουργή Φεγγαρόσουπα! Όμως τα ξόρκια του είναι μπαγιάτικα και τα μαγικά του δεν πιάνουν…
Ο πιστός βοηθός του είναι πάντα δίπλα του και κάνει ένα σωρό γκάφες!
Κάπως έτσι περνάει ο καιρός μέχρι τη στιγμή που δύο μικρά, παράξενα πλάσματα μπλέκονται στα πόδια του…
Άραγε θα καταφέρουν να μεταμορφωθούν πίνοντας τη μαγική Φεγγαρόσουπα...; Θα καταφέρουν να γίνουν όπως οι άλλοι για να αποκτήσουν φίλους…;
Μια παράσταση που θα δώσει στα παιδιά το ερέθισμα να σκεφτούν ότι η μοναδικότητα του καθενός είναι ο πιο πολύτιμος θησαυρός!

Κούκλες – σκηνικά: ομάδα Κοκου-Μουκλό
Επιμέλεια σκηνοθεσίας: Χρήστος Αυτσίδης
Μουσική Σοφία: Ταμβακοπούλου
Φωτισμοί Γιάννης: Νερουλίδης
Η ιστορία κυκλοφορεί σε βιβλίο και c.d από τις εκδόσεις Πατάκη σε επιμέλεια του Φίλιππου Μανδηλαρά.

Το θίασο

Η ομάδα ιδρύθηκε το 2003 από τις κουκλοπαίκτριες Βάσω Γιαρένη και Ηρώ Θεοδώρου με τη νομική μορφή της Αστικής Μη Κερδοσκοπικής Εταιρίας.
Η ομάδα έχει συνεχή παρουσία από το 2003 στο χώρο του κουκλοθέατρου δίνοντας παραστάσεις σε σχολεία, θέατρα, φεστιβάλ, ενώ τους θερινούς μήνες περιοδεύει σε Δήμους όλης της Ελλάδας.
Στο πέρασμα του χρόνου η ομάδα έχει πλαισιωθεί με αξιόλογους νέους συνεργάτες, μουσικούς, φωτιστές, ηθοποιούς, σκηνογράφους, ενδυματολόγους, συγγραφείς κ.ά.
Επίσης, μέσα από τη συνεργασία με άλλες τέχνες και καλλιτέχνες, η ομάδα εξελίσσεται εκφραστικά, τεχνικά και αισθητικά.
Η ομάδα είναι ενεργό μέλος του Ελληνικού Κέντρου της Διεθνούς Ένωσης Κούκλας UNIMA, (Union Internationale de la Marionnette)

Kiriakos Argyropoulos

General manager & artistic director Sofia Puppet Theatre

Kiriakos Argiropolus has graduated from the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts in the class of Prof. Atanas Ilkov. He has staged over 60 different titles for children of classic and contemporary authors, and more than 20 theatre performances after the lyrics of William Shakespeare, Eugène Ionesco, Neil Simon, Aristophanes. He has received awards from many international festivals all over the world. He has delivered lectures in acting and directing for many years in Bulgaria and Greece. Since 2002 he has been a Director and Arts Manager of the Capital’s Puppet Theatre. He is a founder of the Association of Puppet Arts in Bulgaria, AKT-UNIMA, and the International Festival – Biennale for Street and Puppet Theatre “Puppet Fair”.

La Capra Ballerina Puppet Theatre


11/10 at 09:00: “DORME” in the Cultural Center “Kipos”
12/10 at 20:00 : “DORME” in the Municipal Theatre

Show for mixed public, or children from 6 years and up,
Duration 42 min
No words

SINOPSIS DORME means she sleeps. A little girl goes to sleep and she starts a trip within her dreams and nightmares, beauty and fears: the fly with the human face fishes, the discovery of her own self coming out of a closet, discovering of the light and the shadows, her own hands, the meeting with the death, her pet cat death, the ritual of burying the pet, the fall into the water, finally meeting her own death just in time to wake up and realize it was a dream.
What happens when our rational life goes to sleep? How deeply dreams interfere with our life once day light comes? How conscious we are about our night-life creativity?
The show is conceived like a slow dance, sustained by the the electronic musical score by Stefano Zazzera and the special wrist puppet tecnique passed by Vladimir Zakharov
The project name is “DORME” which means in this case, “she sleeps”. Watching my children sleeping, their faces so trusting and relaxed, but knowing how often they have wild dreams, made me think back in the past, when I was a girl. Surprisingly I remembered many of my dreams, and realize how important my dream life is. I’m very fascinated by the fact that we unconsciously direct our own dreams, something close to a movie, and how it affects our rational life when day light comes.
This show wants to be an investigation about dreams and on the peculiar state of mind of not knowing if we are awake or actually dreaming.
A puppet show conceived by Laura Bartolomei
winner of the production In-Produzione 2011, Festival Immagini dell’Interno, Pinerolo and the prize Spoleto Open, Fringe event of the Festival di Spoleto
Puppets and scenes by James Davies and Laura Bartolomei Original music composed by Stefano Zazzera Direction by Juliana Notari and Laura Bartolomei with Laura Bartolomei
A co-production Festival Immagini dell’Interno, Moody Mammoth Studio, DuoAnfibios,


“Parata della dama Bianca”
12/10 at 11:00: “Parata della dama Bianca” in the Eirini Square
13/10 at 11:00: “Parata della dama Bianca” in the Eirini Square

Duration : Itinerant about 20/30 minutes to be repeat it 2 times
No words
Street Theatre for all audiences


White Dame and her Horseman
The White Dame is bored, wants some distractions and fun and wants to go for a walk  with her Horsman and the “horse”.  The three walk around the city, peeking into the bars and shops, alternating moments of dance to moments of interaction with public.
Itinerant about 20/30 minutes to be repeat it 2 times
Tech requirements:
Road close to traffic, room for dressing/make up with a table and higher platform (wall or so) about 1,80/2 mt hight for the Horseman.

The company

La Capra Ballerina Puppet Theatre

La Capra Ballerina is founded by James Davies, korean-american illustrator and sculpturer, and Laura Bartolomei, dancer, in the 1997. Originally was born as a wood sculpture workshop where researches on traditional way of puppet-making has been carried out.
La Capra Ballerina has worked to provide custom made puppets for a number of puppeteers, theatres and collectors in Italy and overseas.
In 2000 the group began experimenting with their own creation for theatre.
Since then they produced six puppet shows and a stilt and puppets parade. Some of the shows has toured in all kind of situations, from festival to libraries, cultural centrers, streets, bars both in Italy and abroad, some had toured only in Italy because the language.
La Capra Ballerina has carried out workshop on wood carving, paper-maché, foam and latex applied to puppetry both for professional and children, as well as big construction as Carnival carts. Has organized puppet festivals and sustainable theatre festival in various villages in Alto Lazio area, inviting companies from all over the world, promoting international and intercultural meetings. Collaborates on regular bases with musicians, actors, visual artis, social workers.

Ljubljana Puppet Theatre (Slovenia)


13/10 at 19:00 : in the Municipal Theater
14/10 at 09:00 & 11:00 : in the Municipal Theater

Duration – 45 min.
For all audiences +4
Musical puppet
In slovenian (few words)

The play

This well known folk tale of the musicians of Bremen gave Matija Solce, an established puppet artist, foundation for a vivacious and friendly performance, which combines puppets and music. As they do in the fairy-tale, the four animals make a journey, and they surprise the town folk with their music.
The children take part in the journey, when the puppets walk off the stage and mingle with the audience, as well as in the concert, when they sing with the puppets. The audience sit right on the stage, so the children get an opportunity to see the theatre from this, less common, but just as interesting point of view.
Directed by: Matija Solce
Dramaturgy: Jelena Sitar Cvetko
Edited by: Tatjana Stanič
Music composed by: Matija Solce
Puppet and stage design: Marianna Stránská
Light design: Danilo Korelec
CAST: Martina Maurič Lazar, Gašper Malnar, Miha Arh, Polonca Kores and Zvonimir Urbič
Stage manager: Zvonimir Urbič
Lights: Danilo Korelec
Set technician: Andrej Slinkar
Puppets and set made by: Marianna Stránská, Iztok Bobić, Sandra Birjukov, Zoran Srdić, Mitja Ritmanič, Marjeta Valjavec, David Cajthaml, Matija Solce, Šentjakob theatre workshop
Costumes: Jadranka Pavlović, Matija Solce, Marianna Stranská


2. “Happy Bonnes”

12/10 at 22:00 : “Happy Bonnes” in the Municipal Theater

For adults and youth from 16 years and up.
Duration: 1 hour
In English.

Audience of max 100 people.
Death. Why do we make tabu out of it, if it is all around us? Why don't we speak about it, if we have each day thousands opportunities to die? Daily Death is passing by us, saying, Hello, what a nice day, isn't it?“, but we never respond, we go our way and pretend we didn't hear anything.
This performance is game of notes, impulses, screams and words, which can every second change to musical theme and in next moment continue as puppet show. It is not based on story, but on music, from which Matija builds all other components of the show. This way the absurd composition becomes understandable for anyone. It can talk with no words and uses minimum of material: accordion, voice and bunch of bones. An evocative mix of object and word play, sound and body movement. Concert and at same time puppet show

The company

Ljubljana Puppet Theatre

The Ljubljana Puppet Theatre (Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana) was founded in 1948. It fuelled its creative inspiration on various traditions that had marked Slovene puppetry from its beginning in 1910's to the end of World War Two. The theatre soon perfected its expressive power in 1950's, and could be equalled to other, important European puppet theatres.
Recently, there was a generation switch, both in the artist management and in the puppeteer company, which opened new horizons for the theatre. So the theatre was on a new drive in the last few seasons, and this was attested by an abundant collection of festival awards.
Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana is the central puppet theatre in Slovenia. It puts ten premieres on stage each season. We travel with our performances across Slovenia as well as abroad. All puppetry techniques are represented, however our specialty are marionettes on long strings that can be seen at our theatre exclusively. The theatre provides training to actor-puppeteers, organises various workshops for children and adults, round table discussions, and a festival.
In 1995, the theatre took over the organisation of the PUPPETS (LUTKE) Festival that brings together world-renowned shows and puppeteers every two years.

Matijas Solce

Born 2.6.1981 in Slovenia, musician, puppeteer, actor, workshop organiser and mentor, Matija Solce is currently undertaking his doctoral studies in Alternative Theatre and Puppetry at the Prague theatre academy (DAMU), on the theme of "The musical perspective of puppet theatre". In his works he closely connects music and theatre, and therefore his concerts often turn into interactive theatre performances, or his puppet shows become musical



05/10 at 22:00
07/10 at 21:00
In the Municipal Theatre

Duration: 60 min.
Language: No Text
Technique: Table-top puppets, objects and shadows
For adults audiences over: +16

About the Company

Merlin Puppet Theater was founded in Athens, Greece in1995. Its founders, Dimitris Stamou and Demy Papada started their career creating masks and puppets for the theatre. In 2001, they started performing with their own puppet theatre. Since then they have created 6 stories mainly addressing a younger audience, and they’ve run hundreds of performances around Greece, including workshops on puppet creation and play.
They’ve participated in festivals, exhibitions, conferences and educational seminars.
They are members of the Greek branch of UNIMA (the international puppetry organisation)
They’ve created  puppets and props for other performers and  artists such as Tiger Lillies and Dirty Granny Tales.
In November 2011, Merlin is moving to Berlin. In April 2012 they are having their premiere of ”Clown Houses” in Berlin and since then it’s been performed at international festivals and theaters in more than 14 countries around Europe.
Merlin Puppet Theatre lives and works in  Berlin.

The play

Οne building, five apartments and six main characters.  Comical-tragical personalities, leading a miserable life which they aren’t afraid to lose but they are afraid to live.
The spectator is watching them live their conventional lives in a dark, claustrophobic setting, with their fears, obsessions and loneliness. ‘Merlin’ are dramatising and demonising their obsessions until they finally punish and liberate them with the most violent manner.
Merlin’ doesn’t attempt to do existential analysis through their work. They are dramatising the modern way of living in its current form. Through the dark rooms of ‘Clown’s Houses’ the loneliness of the modern man is displayed; prison-like houses, people trapped into their routines and habits, distant from their dreams.
In “Clown’s houses” you will find a combination of different puppetry techniques such as marionettes, top table puppets, object and shadow theatre. The puppets are made of wood, pulp and paper, amounting to about 45 cm.
The two puppeteers animate puppets and objects, without being obvious to the public while the realism of the motion, the scenic world  and different lighting conditions complement the dark sensation of the play.

Concept: Merlin Puppet Theatre
Manipulation: Demy Papada, Dimitris Stamou
Set Design / Special Constructions: Dimitri Stamou
Puppet Construction: Dimitris Stamou
Costumes: Demy Papada
Music: Achilles Charmpilas
Narration: Chris Androvitsaneas
Photographs: Dimitris Poupalos
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


ParaMana Puppet Theatre

ParaMana Puppet Theatre is composed by independent artists that derive from various artistic backgrounds: creative writing, painting, theatre, arts, music and poetry. All of us use and share our artistic knowledge and sensibilities for the expansion of Experimental and Modern Puppet Theatre in Greece. Our main motif is the love that each nourishes for his art and the instinctive interest to share with the public our thoughts and concerns through this unique medium: the Puppet.

We experiment, we discover, we learn and enrich our techniques every day. But above all we travel! This is our way to escape from the repetitive and cruel reality of an adult's life: by drifting away from the unconsciousness of dreams, to the realism and reality of life. What a beautiful and interesting game that is: to be alert!

From 2007 ParaMana Puppet Theatre organises workshops of construction and animation for adults and children and builds puppets, masks and set design for other theatre and production companies (Anemon Productions, ARTE Channel, ERT Channel) in Greece.
Since 2006, ParaMana Puppet Theatre has created three shows: Femme Squelette, 02-02, and The Crescent Moon Bear.
ParaMana Puppet Theatre is experimenting on various puppet techniques: Bunraku, Human Size Puppets, Three dimensional Shadow Theatre, rod puppets and table top puppets.
The company has performed in various venues and festivals in Greece and abroad:
International Puppet and Mime Festival in Kilkis – (GR), Imagini dell'interno in Pinerolo – (IT), Festival Mondial des Theatres de Marionnettes á Charleville-Mezieres (FR), Cultural Festival of demos Kazantzakis - Crete, MCF Michael Cacoyannis Foundation – Athens, Epi Kolono Theatre, Cantina Social, Quilombo Centro Cultural, SIX D.O.G.S, etc – and in the streets of Thessaloniki, Crete, Patras, Athens etc.

The Show:

‘The Crescent Moon Bear’

Shadow Theatre –three dimensional shadows of minuscule figurines - projections of three dimensional images from an original hand made projector– with live narration and electronic music.
There are things that can be seen only through the eyes of a soldier. It is only he that knows what it is like...he and his loved ones who long for him to return…
The show is based on the Japanese story Tsuki no Waguma, -The Crescent Moon Bear.
By using three dimensional shadow theatre techniques, an originally hand-made projector, live narration and live electronic music we travel back in time to the Trench War and to its irreversible consequences. “The Crescent Moon Bear” is a dark fairy tale for adults that talks about courage and persistence, loss and pain, life and death, sensibility and love, and moreover it talks about a little child’s adventurous journey trying to save her father’s soul.


E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



11/10 at 21:30 in the Municipal theatre

Duration 60min • Adults • Visual theater

“The blue line”

A journey between dream and reality in the singular and poetic world of a major writer.

Inspired by the works of J.L. Borges, Blue line describes this “line” at the borders of our dreams, in relationship with the intimate universe of the famous Argentine writer. A rich and complex world that takes the form of a journey within the mind of an author.

The gestures and objects manipulations of the company Plefsis are absolutely outstanding, full of poetry and lightness, and of an absolute precision: here, every gesture, every detail counts. A rigorous work highly accessible to all, accompanied by the superb Music of Minas Emmanouil creating a “soundscape” that is produced by the objects themselves.

Concept, direction,settings: Antonis Koutroumpis
Music: Minas Emmanouil
Costumes: Olga Gerogiannaki, Thenia Koutroumpi
Lightning: Christina Thanasoula
Interpretation: Antonis Koutroumpis, Olga Gerogiannaki, Thenia Koutroumpi


The company

Plefsis physical theatre and mime company was established in 1996.
Through a combination of various physical theatre, mime and contemporary dance techniques, Plefsis has developed a distinct language of non verbal theatre in which the eloquence of the visual elements and the improvisations with objects prevail. The distinct characteristic of Plefsis' technique is the creative improvisation with objects, through which the performers create and transform the scenic environment of the performance.
Plefsis' productions include more than 15 works in the fields of physical theatre and street theatre. The company has performed in many different cities in Greece as well as in the following festivals abroad:

  • Festival Internazionale Teatro di Strada, Chieri – Italy, 2005
  • Festival Calanchi, San Marino – Italy 2006
  • International Mimesquare Festival, Aarschot – Belgium 2006
  • Festival Avignon le Off, France 2006
  • Theatre Days Festival, Nicosia – Cyprus 2007
  • Lavenaria Gardens, Turin – Italy 2008
  • International Puppet Theatre and Pantomime Festival of Kilkis,

Kilkis – Greece 2009 & 2010

  • 1st International Street Theatre Festival of Athens, Athens – Greece 2009 (Award winners)
  • Puppet Fair, Sofia – Bulgaria 2010
  • 29th Festival international des arts du mime et du geste de Périgueux

- France 2011

International Crossroads Festival, Antwerp -Belgium 2012

Seminar for educators

Rene Baker

The puppet and the object: medium and mediator

07/10/13 : from 15:00 to 19:00. First phase of the seminar (4 hours)
08/10/13 : from 15:00 to 19:00. Second phase of the seminar (4 hours)
09/10/13 : from 15:00 to 19:00. Third phase of the seminar (4 hours)
10/10/13 : from 15:00 to 19:00. Four phase of the seminar (4 hours)

16 hours
15 people

An introduction to how puppets and objects can be used in pedagogic and therapeutic environments for all ages, from young children to adults. Working with a variety of figures and everyday objects, participants will discover their potential for symbolic communication, experience how expressing oneself through an intermediate object liberates the self, and will gain tips and ideas for using puppets and objects in the classroom.

Rene Baker (London, 1960) specialises in puppet and object theatre and during 23 years professional experience she has worked as a performer, director, teacher and researcher. She designed and teaches the postgraduate module “The puppet as pedagogic medium” at the Institut del Teatre (Barcelona).

The TOPIC Centre

TOPIC is the Tolosa Puppets International Center. Opened in November 2009, it is a singular, attractive, interesting project with an emphasis on imagination, innovation and originality. It is the only integral centre for the art of puppetry in Europe.
As a comprehensive centre, TOPIC has also become a meeting point for puppeteers from all over the world. A place to learn, perform, do research, produce, and share experiences, information, reflections and to work in a, comfortable, functional, well-equipped, avant-garde environment.
TOPIC is available to everyone who shares the prospects of developing, promoting and perfecting the art of puppetry, from traditional to avant-garde; a place open for interaction with other fields of art.
As active members of UNIMA (the International Association of Puppetry), we seek to collaborate with its committees and sections, both national and international.
Children are TOPIC's main focus. We aim to study in depth all the aspects that relate to children theatre. The objective is to bring young people into contact with the theatre of puppetry in a natural, albeit supervised way.
Tolosa has become the epicentre of puppet theatre, an artistic expression that receives increasing recognition and support. A fact that TOPIC sets out to maintain and boost this tendency.
In its 3600 m2, TOPIC integrates:
A museum for its permanent collection and temporary expositions.
A data centre, an archive and a media centre, entirely digitalized.
A modern and well-equipped 250 seat theatre.
A production/ staging / rehearsal room.
Spaces for similar stage activities.
Rooms for workshops, in-class courses and video conference courses.
A small residence for artists and researchers.


"A Handful of Fairytales"

12/10 at 11:00: in the Eirini Square
13/10 at 11:00: in the Eirini Square

Duration : 45 minuts
Street Theatre for all audiences



An idea that becomes history ... Like this everything is beginning .With classic theater, street theater, circus, love and absolute respect for ideas of each member as tools, we build representations in order to induce thought, feeling and smile. Our shows are for children and adults also.
X-SALTIBAGOS street theatre company presents "A Handful of Fairytales". Based on circus technics and dance (stilts, balance ball, aerial silks), humorous, dreamy and full of sensitivity and shrewdness. In the performance are being shuffled charmingly famous tales.


The street theater company X-SALTIBAGOS is a group of circus artists existing since 2002 throughout Greece based in Patra. As stilt walkers, clowns, balancers, acrobats, jugglers, mimes and dancers have given hundreds performance, in schools, theaters and countless squares of Greece in collaboration with municipalities and private entities. The artists of the group have attended classes in circus and dance schools abroad (Spain, France) and many workshops in Greece and abroad.

Antigoni Paroussi

The theatrical dimension of puppetry in the classroom

ANTIGONI PAROUSSI, is Assistant Professor in the Department of Early Childhood Education, University of Athens. Her subject is The Pedagogy of Theatrical Expression. She has a degree on pedagogical studies, Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki. Her postgraduate studies include the education of disabled children and the direction of Puppet Theater. She also has a PHD in Puppet Theater, Theatrical Academy of Sofia. She has been involved in puppetry since 1976; she has worked for 15 years at the Athens Puppet Theater and has participated in a number of international puppet festivals with various performances. She has been organizing the International Puppet Theater Festival of Hydra for the past ten years. She is now the director of the Puppet Theater Company “Gri Kouti”.

Workshop in high schools and senior-high schools:
“On the opposite bank: escape from addictions”
Ex-ART-isis (addictions): a drama workshop for adolescents.

Having as its subject all the kind of addictions, this two-hour workshop is addressed to secondary education students. More specifically, it seeks to examine the addictions in the young people and their impact on their relations with their family, friends, school and more generally their social environment. Through the technique compound stimulus the children will be given the necessary elements-stimuli, so as to compose by themselves the story of the main character: an adolescent who faces addiction problems. Through the techniques of the Theatre of the Oppressed (simultaneous dramaturgy; image theatre, forum theatre) the students will try activities and will seek alternative solutions, aiming to gain knowledge and empowerment. In every school class, the composition of the story and its alternative approaches will be unique, according the dynamics of the group and the themes – questions that will be raised by it.

Koldobika G. Vío (Bilbao, Spain) has graduated from the Teacher Training School of the Universidad del País Vasco in Bilbao. He has worked as a teacher and social educator of special social groups (street children, senior citizens, people with vision deficit, etc). Having education as a background, he started working in the field of drama/theatre. Student of Georges La Ferriere (Quebec, Canada), he is among the primary representatives of the Expression Pedagogy movement in Spain, where he has given lectures, seminars and has led workshops. He has taught in various Universities. Currently he is a visitor professor at the postgraduate programme of Social Theatre of the Ramon Llull University, Barcelona, Spain and at the Porto University in Portugal. In 2003-2004 he has taught Street Theatre and Puppet Theatre at the Drama School of the National Theatre of Northern Greece. He has directed various performances and acted in others. He has worked in Palestine, El Salvador, Guatemala, Brazil and South Africa. Since 2003 he has been living and working in Greece. He has published articles in theatre and education journals, while since 1996 he has published three books on Theatre and Drama in Education. He is among the organizers of the International Puppet and Mime Festival of Kilkis

A workshop for adults

Martha Katsaridou & Maria Fragkou
School and violence: the drama/ theatre in education offer
04/10 from 15:30 to 19:30
05/10 from 15:30 to 19:30
06/10 from 10:00 to 14:00
Duration: 12 hours

The workshop

The phenomenon of school violence has by now become an intense social problem in today's schools. In each teaching degree it acquires different facets. The drama/ theatre in education method, through drama and puppetry techniques, games, status techniques, social theatre and theatre of the oppressed techniques, offers alternative views and analysis of the phenomenon. The materials of the workshop will be specific literature books, various texts (newspaper articles, briefing notes and other material) as well as film clips, works of puppetry and other videos. The workshop aims to help the participants express themselves, to make them share their experiences and, always through group interaction and critical thinking, to seek solutions, make proposals and take decisions.
The workshop is addressed to teachers of all levels, theatre teachers, animators and students.

The teachers

Martha Katsaridou

A teacher in a multicultural primary school, Martha Katsaridou completed a PhD thesis on teaching literature through drama (Αristotle University, Thessaloniki). An Onassis scholar, studied Theatre in Education (MA, Goldsmith's College) and acting (Centre of Drama Research, Thessaloniki). Planned drama workshops for the Museum of Byzantine Culture, the International Puppet and Mime Festivals of Kilkis and Cyprus and the Hellenic Theatre/Drama and Education Network, of which is a member of its board. Collaborated as workshop leader with the National Theatre, the Tricycle Theatre (London), and with cultural associations and schools. Published articles on Drama in Education in international journals.

Maria Frangou

Maria Frangou graduated the Drama School of AUTH with distinction. She took her Master's degree in Physical Theatre at Royal Holloway, University of London, under a Melina Merkouri Foundation scholarship. She was also trained in New York, at the Actor's Movement Studio, under a Fulbright foundation scholarship. She pursued an acting careeer in Greece. She has played at both National Theatres of Greece, as well as on film and TV. She teaches drama to children at the Municipality of Thessaloniki.

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